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(Students, Seniors)

Awkward Moment Productions - Minneapolis, MN

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What do you do when you’re the pork chop in an all-Kosher world?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1986. Amy has a plan for her 15th summer: Transform from total dorkwad to Material Girl. Build This City on rock and roll. And pine for Ross Buckman until he sees her True Colors shining through. Instead, Amy’s parents ship her off against her will to “freakishly Jewish” Camp L’Chaim, where “even the mosquitoes wear yarmulkes!” How Amy survives as the pork chop in an all-Kosher world “combines poetry, comedy, pathos and plain good storytelling” (--The Halifax Herald).

Salloway’s willingness to openly and publicly revisit her misfit status and spiritual confusion has earned her glowing reviews from critics and audience members alike, who’ve commented,

“…both kick-ass funny and achingly poignant, often at the same time”(-- CityBeat),

“David Sedaris has met his female match!” (--MN Fringe website)

“Tender and very funny…you’ll relate regardless of summer camp experience or religious persuasion -- Salloway’s story is universal and charming enough to win anyone over” (-- CBC Manitoba).

Theatregoers have come up to her on the street to share their own unhappy summer camp experiences, or to guess which real camp “L’Chaim” is the pseudonym for. Salloway hadn’t anticipated the rapport the show would generate, nor that a story centered around Judaica would be so universal: her first private booking for the show came from a conservative Lutheran college.