“cheeky Candian fuh-ah!”

For all of the "staff" at BloggingFringe.com, TJ Dawe has obviously been a huge part of our experience. Seeing that most of us had already seen Charles Ross's One Man Lord of the Rings, One Man Star Wars et. al., both of which TJ directed, and most of us girls simply fell in love with him, he was a big name from the start of the week.

And then we got to interview him.

And we saw him at Mark's show.

And then I saw his show, Canadian Bartender at Butlin's. Amidst very rude audience members with their cell phones, and TJ himself rearranging the audience, the show went off extremely well. A packed house at the venue where two years ago I saw One Man Lord of the Rings greeted our Canadian friend, who had put fun facts about his home country on the show's program. Of course, Bartender is all about the experience of a Canuck in the pop culture slums of Great Britain.

Dawe is, as expected, absolutely amazing. He elicits laughter, reflection, sympathy, and more than anything else, true appreciation from his audiences. His physical sensibilities are unparalled and he builds such a clear and vivid setting out of only the black box in which he performs.

And I am not worthy to truly critique such a brilliant performer, but I will say that prefer Dawe's story-telling - long, drawn out tales that are deftly woven into a completely coherent product - as opposed to his explanations of things, such as British terminology. I could listen to that man talk about windows and television programs all day, but the law of diminishing returns went into effect on about the fifth Britslang definition.

Nonetheless, TJ has been an amazing performer all Fringe long and has been very kind to us. I was even able to snag a picture and a signature after the show, even though I didn't buy a script afterwards. He's so dreamy.

I think I am one of many who is looking foward to the premiere of Maxim and Cosmo at next year's Festival!

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