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A Brief History of Petty Crime
The Roodie Pancake Experiment

Alice in Wonderland
Daack-Evanicki Productions

Almost Walking A Straight Line
Greg Haskins

Amanda's Mix Tape
Greater Orlando Actors Theatre

American Squatter
Aspen Comedy Works

Bathhouse: The Musical!
Daack-Evanicki Productions

Bites of Broadway
Florida Theatrical Association's BROADWAY'S CLASS ACT

Black Voices
Act Reel Theatre Company

Blues: A Handbook for the Future Homeless
Penguin Point Productions

IL Productions

Colored Waiting Room
Jessica Taylor

Crown Hill Cemetery
Creative Evolution

Diamond: A Neil Diamond Tribute
Croon-A-Tune Productions

Don Juan in Despair
Flying Phoenix

Doodie Humor's Christmas Spectacular
Doodie Humor

Dr. Serenity Hawkfire's Beyond Being Workshop
Suzanne Falter Barns LLC

Dysfunctional Fables
Excellent Adventure Productions

Extreme Improv: The Musical
Name Change Pending Extreme Improv Troupe

Flamenco con Fusion 08
Ricardo Garcia´s Flamenco Flow...

Rake Theater

Galapagos: The Directors Cut
2 Candy Bars and a $5 Dollar Bill

Godot Arrives
Apathy Is Lethal Productions

Here Be Dragons
Utmost Productions

High School Queerbook
The Orlando Youth Alliance

In His Own Time
The Green Room Company

Labor Daze
Simply Extraordinary Tales

Mark Baratelli

Melvin Gelvin: The Almost-Musical
Two Guys Productions

Original Cast Players

CineDance Jazz Dance and Florida Dance Theatre

Chipped Paint Productions

Mr. Marmalade
I.D. 10-t Productions

New Rochelle
Randy Productions

Bernie O'Brien

On Second Thought
Wog Productions

once upon a time: The End
Theatre 13

Kick the Puppy Productions

Parlour Games
Carbon Productions

perfectly broken
Voci Dance

Power To Pleasing: The Sex Lives of Teenage Girls
Giving Voice Productions

Red, White, and Ignorant: An American Love Story
Spencer Downing

Reefer Madness The Musical
The Warren Acting Company

Robinson Crusoe- All Washed Up
Fergus Rougier

Shadows In Bloom
Gemma Wilcox

Skip Peril and the Players of the Lost Trunk
Hippity-Doo Productions

Living Room Players


The Boy's Own Jedi Handbook
Massicotte & Kubersky

The Bric-a-Brac Vagabond Vintage Variety Show
Beth Marshall Presents/L'Ange Avec Les Fleurs

The Cody Rivers Show presents: Stick to Glue
The Cody Rivers Show

The Greg Barris Heart of Darkness Rock and Roll Circus
Rickshaw Boy and Barris International

The Hefner Monolouges
John Hefner

The Screw You Revue: Déjà vu
Dewey Chaffee Comedy Enterprises, LLC

The Slipknot: A Benefit for the Orlando Fringe
TJ Dawe

The UnNaturals
The UnNaturals

Tod Kimbro: In The Blue
Tod Kimbro

Totem Figures
Big Sandwich Productions (that being TJ Dawe)

Truth or Dare with Pepe
Platinum Blonde Life Productions and Rob Ward & Superfriends

TV iMature
The Executives

Urinetown, The Musical
Orlando Youth Theatre

VarieTEASE: No. 24
babyBlueStar Productions & Invisible Arts


When Pigs Fly
Wanzie Presents & D-Squared Productions & FTM Productions

Whiskey Bars, a Kabarett with the songs of Kurt Weill
Big Empty Barn Productions

Wonder Show of the Universe
Appear Whole Entertainment

64 total companies
11 international
17 national
36 local

Orange Venue
VarieTease- babyBlueStar –Orlando,Fl.
BathHouse The Musical (The NY Cast)-Downstairs Cabaret Theatre Company-Kissimmee,Fl.
Totem Figures-Big Sandwich Prod./TJ DAWE-New Westminster, British Columbia
When Pigs Fly-Wanzie Presents & D Squared Prod.-Orlando, Fl.
The Cody Rivers Show: Stick To Glue- The Cody Rivers Show- Bellingham, Wa.
Flamenco Con Fusion 08- Ricardo Garcia’s Flamenco Flow- Edingburh, Scotland

The WONDERBAR!-Sanssregret Prod./Alex Dallas-Winnipeg, Canada
MOVE! –Florida Dance Theatre & CineDance-Orlando, Fl.
The End-Theatre 13-Boulder,Co.
Bare:A Pop Opera-Orlando Youth Theatre- Orlando, Fl.
Reefer Madness-The Warren Acting Co.-Mount Dora, Fl.
The UnNaturals- Ghostrider Theatre-Edmonton, Canada

Mr. Fox-Chipped Paint Prod.-Vancouver, BC
American Squatter-Aspen Comedy Works-Aspen,Co.
Doodie Humor’s Christmas Spectacular- Doodie Poo Poo Prod.-Orlando, Fl.
In Pursuit Of…Hippity-Doo Prod.-Orlando, Fl.
Law&disOrder –Legally Funny Prod.-Orlando, Fl.
The Super-Colossal Wonder Show of The Universe- non-sequitur-Orlando, Fl.
A Brief History of Petty Crime-The Roodie Pancake Experiment-Toronto, Canada
Whiskey Bars-Big Empty Barn Prod.- Paris, France

Godot Arrives-Apathy Is Lethal Prod.-Kissimmee, Fl.
Shadows In Bloom-Gemma Wilcox-London UK
Mark Baratelli Presents-Creativity.com-Orlando, Fl.
Mister Rose’s Bird-Original Cast Players-Orlando, Fl
Hell Biscuits and Sin Gravy-Orlando Youth Alliance-Orlando, Fl.
Blues: A Handbook for the Future Homeless-Penguin Point Prod.-Winter Park, Fl.
LABOR DAZE-Simply Extraordinary Tales-Passaic, NJ.
Here Be Dragons- Utmost Prod.-Orlando, Fl.
-Who Loves America?-Spencer Downing-Orlando, Fl.

Kool-aid Runs Through My Veins and other Archetypal Dreams- Colored Waiting Room-Palm Coast, Fl.
Crown Hill Cemetery-Creative Evolution-Brooklyn, Ny
TBD-I.D.10-T Prod.- Orlando, Fl.
Fluency- Rake Theater-Boynton Beach, Fl.
Almost Walking A Straight Line-Greg Haskins-Valley Village, Ca,
Extreme Musical: The Musical-Name Change Pending Extreme Improv-Boynton Beach, Fl.
Gloria, Betty and Joan- The Experimental Theatre-Miami, Fl.
(insert witty cabaret title here☺)- Tod Kimbro- Orlando, Fl.
On Second Thought- Wog Prod.-Toronto, Canada

Black Voices-Act Reel Theatre Company-Gainsville, Fl.
The Screw You Revue: Déjà vu- Dewey Chaffee Comedy Enterprises- Orlando, Fl.
Swell- Dexdance-Wall, NJ
A Class Act on Broadway- Florida Theatrical Association’s Broadway’s Class Act- Orlando, Fl.
Oral-Kick The Puppy Prod. - Casselberry, Fl.
Heatherz-Platinum Blond Life Prod. - Orlando, Fl.
New Rochelle- Randy Prod.-Orlando, Fl.
Dr. Serenity Hawkfire’s Being Workshp- Suzanne Falter-Barns-Essex, NY
TBD- Two Guys- Orlando, Fl.
-TBD-Carbon, Prod.-Orlando, Fl.

Galapagos: The Directors Cut- 2 Candy Bars and a $5 Bill-Kissimmee, Fl.
TBD- 4:2: Five- Winter Park, Fl.
O’B- Bernard P. O’Brien-Mount Dora, Fl.
Diamond: A Neil Diamond Tribute- Croon-A-Tune Prod.-Mount Dora, Fl.
TBD- Excellent Adventure Prod.-Orlando, Fl.
Robinson Crusoe-The Man and His Music- FERGUS ROUGIER-London, England
Don Juan In Despair- Flying Phoenix-Orlando, Fl.
The Boy’s Own Jedi Handbook-Massicotte&Kubersky-Toronto, Canada
The Greg Barris Rock Anthology-Rickshaw Boy & Barris International-Orlando, Fl.
The Sketch Show-The Executives-Orlando, Fl.

The Hefner Monologues- John Hefner-Cabin John, MD.
Mix Tape- Greater Orlando Actors-Orlando, Fl.
TBD- Flying Phoenix- Orlando, Fl.
“SPERM: A Tail of Slavery&Bravery- Sippin’ On Gen&Jew Prod.-Oviedo, Fl

On the Wait List:
Offsides Improv
Wooser Presents
Baby Spartan Prod.
Wilson Loria
Kangagirl Prod.
Peripheral Vision
Cray Cray Prod.
The Strum Und Drang Company
The Per4mAnts
Arfnotz Prod.
Women’s Playwrights’ Initiative
PB&J Theatre Factory
Brace Yourself Prod.
Ibex, Inc.
Destination Inc.

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