2009 Shows - Orlando

A New World...
Winter Springs Performing Arts
7 (x1) Samurai
David Gaines
A Day to Remember
Absent Minded Improv
Accolades and Graces
Yow Dance
Al Gore in Association with the Economic Stimulus Package present:
Al Gore in Association with the Economic Stimulus Package present:
Barroom Philosophers
Ultrasuede Productions
Boxcar Children
Orlando Youth Theatre
Burlesque Unzipped: From Shakespeare to the Shimmy
Prairie Fire Presents
Burning Man and the Reverend Nuge
Tommy Nugent
Cary From The Cock
Cary Curran Presents
Corpus Christi
Relevant Theatrics
Department of Angels
Schave & Reilly
Door No. Three presents Skits 'n' Giggles
Door No. Three
Duelling Divas: The Battle Begins!
Duelling Divas LLC
Excellent Adventure Productions
Elegies: for punks, angels, and raging queens
Checkerboard Productions
Extreme Improv: Grown Men Behaving Like Schmucks
Name Change Pending Extreme Improv Troupe
Family Puppet Blast!
Orlando Puppet Blasts
Flamenco con Fusion '09
Ricardo Garcia's Flamenco Flow
Gunther Barnaby's Traveling Show
The Phat Killerz
Hodgepodge and Tidbits
Shot in the Dark
Holy Crap (!) and Other Adventures of Nonsense
Fun Couch Productions
Freeline Productions
Hooray for Speech Therapy
Too Much Free Time Productions
Like A Virgin
Jimmy Hogg
Me, Ray Charles and Sammy Davis Jr.
Movin' Melvin Brown
Moliere Than Thou
Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre
Monster Mash
Casting Shadows
murder, hope
Infinity Live Productions
Odd Man Out
Francisco Laboy
Kangagirl Productions
Pitch Blond
Destination Ink Productions
Puppet SLAM
KidProv/Kids Fringe
Rotten Bros. Sideshow
The Village Idiots
Russell Scott: WhatAnAss!
Russell Scott
Voci Dance/DeXdance
Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You
Logan Donahoo
The Amazing Adventures of Normal People In 3D
Carbon Productions
The Bong Show with Pepe
Rob Ward & Superfriends
The Bridesmaid
Keira McDonald
The Cody Rivers Show presents: Meanwhile Everywhere
The Cody Rivers Show
The Country Club
Princess Charming Productions
The DPB Scandal
Creative Evolution
The Dream Jar
The Executives Present: FREE KITTENS!
The Executives
The Five People You Meet In Porn
Greater Orlando Actors Theatre
The Hefner Monolugues: How Hefnerian
John Hefner
The Karate Guy
KMK Productions
The Lighter Side of Suicide
Moonlight Theater Players/Tomade Productions
The Mayor of Orange Avenue
Arfnotz Productions
The SAK Show
10-t Productions
The Shaeffer Killing
Playwrights Round Table
The Tales of Hoffmann
The Orlando Opera Company
The Well of Horniness
TheatreMania Productions
Tippi Seagram's Happy Hour
Collette Kendall
Under The Covers
Jeremy Seghers
Untold Stories
Emotions Dance
Bernie O' Brien Presents
Waiting for Maupin
Water on the Brain Productions
Martin Dockery
Mo Laughs Comedy
Little Productions
X: The Rise and Fall of an Asylum Star
Erika Wilhite
Zanna, Don't!
Penguin Point Productions
Zebras are Black, Jesus was a Jew, and Oh, by the way, You're Gay!
Eola Players

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