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Pecha Kucha Night at Orlando Fringe?

Edit: Lately I've been thinking Battledecks would be a great addition to the Fringe. The Pecha Kucha mentioned below is pretty similar.
Edit 2: The short slideshows will be held at the Outdoor Stage on Monday, May 24th, around 7PM.
Edit 3: We have a facebook event for Small Talk at Fringe:

Ask OCPS Board Members to Maintain Arts in Schools at February Town Hall Meetings

From the United Arts of Central Florida group on Facebook:

Now is the time to let members of the Orange County Public School Board know that arts education matters for our children and should be maintained even in difficult financial circumstances.

Montreal Fringe: Without Annette

I came across this Canadian improv troupe somewhere in my web surfing this year, and this week I saw their videos on the Montreal Fringe's Facebook page.

It looks like their show is called "Argument With A Dolphin", and I think they specifically do long-form shows.

Which days of Fringe do I take off?

I have a choice: do I take the first three days of Fringe Week off, the middle three, or the last three? I know opening weekend, the last weekend and Memorial Day will be action-packed, but I also don’t want to lose too much money from work.

Blogging Fringe (or this year, my personal blog and OrlandoScene.TV) will be taking up some time, but I also don’t want to take ALL week off so I can save my pennies. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?

Blogging Fringe 2008

My Friends,

As you all know, I've done this Blogging Fringe thing for the past two years. Sadly, this year looks like I'll be pulled in more directions than ever before. I've been up until 2AM every night for weeks on end and I'm not sure when this will stop.

At the same time, I really love the opportunities the Fringe Festival presents to show off some great groups in Orlando and Internationally, and introduce the world to our potential.

At this point I have received dozens of press releases from faithful producers who would love a mention on the blog.

A letter to the editors of the Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Sentinel - Talk to us. Please. - by Elizabeth Maupin

Arts journalism is being cut back at newspapers all over the country, including the Sentinel, because somebody higher up the chain of command thinks it's not important.

Now you know and I know that that's not the case. If arts journalism were to go away, the arts would have a hard time getting their message out.

2008 Fringe applications now Online

The all-new website has a link to the 2008 Fringe artist application. I am helping out with some programming and implementation of the site this year, and I'm very honored to be able to help out.

Starlight Ignored by the Sentinel?

So believes the person running the Starlight Theatre's MySpace Blog. Here's the post where they lay it out.

Of course I understand limited resources, cutbacks, etc.

Seeking Updates from Montreal Fringe

So, I know Montreal Fringe is going on right now (June 7th - 17th), but I'm a poor blogger living in Orlando, so what do I do? Ask for help!

If you're in the second largest city in Canada and you have an internet connection, a camera, a mobile phone, or even a landline (1-321-441-3964), will proudly play host to your content.

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