Montreal Fringe: Without Annette

I came across this Canadian improv troupe somewhere in my web surfing this year, and this week I saw their videos on the Montreal Fringe's Facebook page.

It looks like their show is called "Argument With A Dolphin", and I think they specifically do long-form shows. Watch more of Without Annette's behind-the-scenes footage on their blog.

Montreal Fringe 2008

Some of our friends from previous Orlando Fringes will be there, like Barry Smith (Jesus in Montana, American Squatter), TJ Dawe (Totem Figures, Slipknot), and Greg Landucci (Dishpig, Mr. FOX), and Influx Dance (Goals for 2002). Also, some new friends from this year's festival - The Cody Rivers Show (Stick to Glue) and Andrew Connor (Boom), will be there too.

If this information is wrong, sorry. Iwas having some trouble finding info on the Fringe site. If I'm missing anyone, I'd love to include them too.

Funny thing about Montreal and Blogging Fringe - if you search for it, we come up on the first page, from my post-fringe show last year where I was Seeking Updates from Montreal Fringe. My offer from last month (and last year) still stands - anyone who wants to can do whatever with Blogging Fringe - we have set up some conventions - Fringe Crush, Voicemail Reviews, and Fringe Moments - do with them what you will. If you send me links I will post them here, or I will give you an account and plenty of attribution on the site.

We will even import your blog posts word-for-word, but a warning that MySpace blogs are not very good for that purpose, since the feeds only include a few words for each blog post.

If you're in Montreal or any other Fringe City, get in touch. I'd love to just know you're out there.

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vinny wrote 16 years 41 min ago

Hi, Vinny here from Without


Vinny here from Without Annette. Thanks for posting about our show. We will definitely be blogging the Montreal fringe on our site and we've started a bit already. I also just wanted to point out our link in your sidebar under Fringe Bloggers. It goes right to our blog for your convenience.


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