Everyone is getting a chance to put their blogs on Blogging Fringe this year, and we're not taking any credit for it. In fact, it's "blog and blog alike".

Read the announcement about how this year's Blogging Fringe will be run

This year's Blogging Fringe will finally be the year it gets done the right way... this was never supposed to be a separate site for me to dump energy into, but a place for folks with blogs to share their thoughts with the community.

To get started, use the Contact form to send me your web address or feed url. I will get you addeed to the site, and then we have to do a little magic on the back-end to make your posts show up here.

Also register for the site so I can assign your posts to your user id. If you don't do this, I'll take your email from the contact form and create an account for you. You may never have to log in, but you can if you want to, like to add categories to your posts, add/update links or show information, etc.

If you have a photo of yourself - buddy icon sized, I think 50x50 - also a small photo for the "About" page, see the examples there - I'd love to give as much accreditation as possible.

If you post here, please be comfortable with your words being released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License. The full posts do not appear on the site, just teasers, so don't worry about the full text getting out, but I would like to have the full text in the database for when someone performs a search from the home page.

I have already begun blogging via instead of through Blogging Fringe. I may eventually change this website over to something a little easier to pull all the feeds out of, but for now, what we've got will work. If you click on any of the links I imported, you will be forwarded to my site instead of another page on - pretty neat, huh?

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