Blogging Fringe was created by Liberatr.net for the purpose of chronicling and reviewing the Orlando Fringe Festival. Three intrepid bloggers - Ryan Price, Emily, and Katharine Miller - were determined to capture and publicize the events of the 2006 festival.

It is this endeavor's sincere hope to capture the spirit of one of Orlando's most significant cultural events. The work continues through the off-season with a series of open discussions involving Fringe Producers, Patrons, Organizers and Performers. As the 2007 Fringe draws ever closer, we will be covering every show beforehand with text, audio, video - anything we can manage. A team of volunteers is being assembled to aid in the collection, editing and management of this volume of information. Ryan Price and the Blogging Fringe Street Team, along with Cervo Systems are offering their time and resources to make sure Fringe continues to grow - Blogging Fringe will be the home of those efforts.


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Denna, pronounced "DEEENA BEEENA", this girl is clever, friendly and charming. She loves the limelight and has so many FAB celebrity friends - I mean, check her out with Genevieve! Denna has recently begun creating promotional and viral videos as P-Sha Productions. She is behind most of the Fringe Crush videos and can now be seen down at SAK Comedy Lab running the show.


Dan is one of the hosts of the popular Radio Rickshaw podcast here in Orlando, a real fixture at the Fringe Festival, and is always supporting the local arts scene.


Dana is very interested in Alternate Reality Games, which made her a natural choice to chair the Purple Venue Society in our 2010 production of The Official Unofficial Orlando Fringe Game.



Ryan (@liberatr) is the creator and programmer of Blogging Fringe. He uses an open-source tool called Drupal to create all the pages. During the day, Ryan Price makes websites for his own company, DrupalEasy. He has never officially been in a play, though he loves to perform and has played percussion in many bands, from drum ensembles and marching bands to a local pop band called Marc with a C.

Videos & Fringe Crush

At the 2007 Fringe, a conversation between Ryan and Denna about the magnetic performance of Poofy du Vey led to Denna asking many performers and personalities at the festival "Who's your Fringe Crush?" In later years, Blogging Fringe would be recognized with a Fabby award for this contribution, and a Fabby was created for the performer who is the most crushed upon. There are dozens of Fringe crush videos on YouTube, and many of them make it onto the official Orlando Fringe blog or twitter feed, as well as this site.


The Blogging Fringe gang with their "Fringe of the Fringe" 2007 Fabby Award

The Game

Ryan had the idea for some "scavenger hunt" games in 2009, and in 2010 Dan Ginader and Dana Mott helped to form the Purple Venue Society and send Fringe patrons on secret missions throughout the festival. The Game is still represented on Facebook.


Emily has been writing reviews for independent newspapers for a number of years now. She currently writes for Retro Low Fi as a pop culture and live music correspondent. Emily is a musician and teaches lessons locally. Here's a photo of Emily with her past Fringe Crush TJ Dawe.

TJ Dawe and Emily

Jamie Lyn

A Fabulous Stiltwalker and Jamie Jamie is full of energy and loves meeting people and has been a volunteer for the past several years now. Jamie has acted in several productions, as well as stage managing for several shows in town with companies such as the GOAT group. Lately she can be seen with her partner in crime, AJ.

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