2007 Shows - Orlando

DRIP: Paint in Motion Jessica Mariko and Marla Mirabal Local
JAWZ: The Musical NOTCO Local
Elvis and Roy: The Last Concert Peter Alden Entertainment Local
Found & Lost: Goals for 2002 InFlux Dance National
Infidel! Flying Phoenix Local

Maxim & Cosmo Big Sandwich Productions International (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Bitchslap! Guys in Disguise International (Edmonton, Alberta)
VarieTEASE: Carnivale Babyblue Star Productions LLC Local
Zombie Girlfriend Doodie Humor Local
Boys, Boys, Boys! Douglas Productions Local
Cupid and Psyche Excellent Adventure Productions Local
P.S. 69 Watson Arts National (Brooklyn, NY)

Flamenco con Fusion Ricardo Garcia's Flamenco Flow International (Edinburgh, Scotland and Bolivia)
Matador Angel Kiss Productions Local
Psychic Follies Kevin Gavin Local
American Racket SoundStage Local
Steel Magnolias The Green Room Company Local
Bat Boy: The Musical Winter Springs Performing Arts Local
The Yellow Boat Yellow Light Productions Local
Six Characters: Best Show Ever Six Characters National (New York, NY)

Waiting Voci Dance Local
Dishpig Chipped Paint Productions International (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Out of Pocket pocketchange productions International (Edmonton, Alberta)
Mistero Buffo - Comic Mysteries Tethersend Productions International (Toronto, Ontario)
Curriculum Vitae The Roodie Pancake Experiment International (Toronto, Ontario)
Live Feed CineDance Jazz Dance Local
Jesus in Montana Aspen Comedy Works National (Aspen, CO)
Poofy du Vey in “Burden of Poof” Courtney Cunningham National (Brooklyn, NY)
52 Pick Up theater simple National (Seattle, WA)

Ctrl-Alt-Life Brett Nicholson Local
Who the Hell is Heliogabalus?Duck Church Productions Local
Love Isn't Black and White Last Minute Panic Productions Local
Father's Day Micai Productions Local
Coming In Michi Productions Local
OUTLOUD! Too Gay for Fringe? Orlando Gay Chorus Local
Matt and Ben Penguin Point Productions Local
The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over Gemma Wilcox National (Boulder, CO)
Encore for the Diva The Studio Theatre of Wellington National (Wellington, FL)
A Love Lost Life Too Much Religion Inc. National (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

Music without Music 4:2:Five Local
Runaways Baggypants Theater Company Local
Heart of Coal Carbon Productions Local
2007: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Clarion Refugees Local
Dancing With The Porn Stars Everybody Dance Local
Light My Way: A New Musical LMW Workshop Local
Matanzas: A Survivor’s Story Minda Stephens Local
Pentecostal Wisconsin Bashful Scandinavian Productions National (New York, NY)

Linwood Sassy's Screw You Revue Dewey Chaffee Local
Saint Kristie Douglas Productions Local
Midnight Snack with Tom & Vincent Kangagirl Productions LLC Local
Fool House Kirk Marsh Local
Platelets Nothin' Productions Local
Suitcase of Memories Orlando Youth Alliance Local
Breaking Glass Peripheral Vision Local
My Pal Bette Randy Productions Local
Harvey The Living Room Players Local

Five Boutwell Diniz Productions Local
Murder on West 18th Playwrights Roundtable Local
Stupid Kids The Sturm und Drang Company Local
So Kiss Me Already, Herschel Gertz! Awkward Moment Productions National (Minneapolis, MN)
String DeXdance Contemporary Dance Company National (Wall, NJ)
That Fading Scent of Pus*y: A Dangerous Comedy About Women and Aging Judith Black: Storyteller National (Marblehead, MA)
The Glamorous Andrea Merlyn Magic Show: The Return! Magic Taylor'd for You! National (Indianapolis, IN)
Calculus: The Musical! Matheatre National (Austin, TX)
L.A. Nasty The Habit Productions National (Seattle, WA)
Rebel Without a Niche Too Much Free Time Productions National (New York, NY)

The White Guy Endangered Productions International (Edmonton, Alberta)
La Duchesse de Langeais ReAL Theatre International (Toronto, Ontario)
Andrea's Revolution DnA Productions Local
Born to be Asian DnA Productions/M-n-N Theatrical Local
Sexual Confines (three one acts) I.D. 10-t productions Local
Improv Cabaret Mark Baratelli/IMakePodcasts.com Local
Chatterbox Slothco Productions Local
Tod Kimbro: F-bombs and G-strings Tod Kimbro Local
Random Show by the Extreme Improv Guys Name Change Pending Extreme Improv Troupe National (Boytnon Beach, FL)

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[...] Shows: Again, no

[...] Shows: Again, no mystery here. Eventually I hope to list web sites, MySpace pages, YouTube profiles, and RSS Feeds for as many of the shows and theatre troupes possible. Again, you can make this page better for everyone via the contact form or email. [...]

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