Pink Venue

  Fri 5/18
11:00 AM Sat 5/19
Midnight Sun 5/20
7:50 PM Mon 5/21
9:50 PM Tue 5/22
  Wed 5/23
  Thu 5/24
  Fri 5/25
4:10 PM Sat 5/26
7:50 PM Sun 5/27

Tickets: $7 ($5)
(Students, Seniors)

Brett Nicholson - Orlando, FL

Official Website

Read a review on the Orlando Sentinel Theatre Blog

Listen to an interview on the Orlando Fringe Podcast


Christian is a Psych/Theatre major with the idea for the ultimate fi nal project: he will use his friend and his fi ance' as guinea pigs in interactions with strangers. They meet at their usual coffeehouse/bar, where Christian selects their partners, "directing" the interactions by texting their phones. But as reality blurs with a slightly twisted fantasy, how far will he take it? And how far will they go..?


Brett (ctrl-alt-life) wrote 13 years 8 weeks ago

Thank you to Ryan and

Thank you to Ryan and BloggingFringe for joining us at our midnight show! We do have some photos on our website, www.ctrl-alt-life.com.

GREAT audience last night, and great energy! We're looking forward to seeing everyone at our "normal" showtimes this week!

Ryan wrote 13 years 8 weeks ago

Not what I was expecting at

Not what I was expecting at all! I thought it would be one guy with a laptop - I think some production stills might help us get that. Much love to all the actors and the writers!

Shocking, funny, and cerebral!

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