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4:2:Five - Orlando, FL

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Read a review on the Orlando Sentinel Theatre Blog

Last years "Patrons Pick". Vocal Group 4:2:Five returns with another fearless musical performance. More Laughs, More Harmony, More Happy-- No Instruments. Don't Miss this MUST SEE show!

Behold the power of the human voice...
Based in Orlando, FL, 4:2:Five has been shattering the a cappella stereotype since 2000 with their powerful performances across the U.S. Evolving from a street corner barbershop sound, and drawing on funk, rock, jazz, and blues-4:2:Five is unlike any musical experience on Earth, recreating an entire instrumental band with nothing but 5 mics and 5 voices with a style and charisma all their own. "Challenging the boundaries of contemporary music is what this group is all about," says Geoff Castellucci, "nothing we do is ordinary", this sentiment is echoed by 4:2:Five's legions of fans and "best live act" win at the 2001 Florida Peoples Music Awards. 4:2:Five has also performed at the Orlando International Fringe Festival, on several 100,000 watt radio stations and was featured as the trailer for Orlando� own 102 jams FM morning show. 4:2:Five had the honor of winning Ed Mcmahons international internet based talent competition, and can be seen on a nationally televised commercial promoting 4:2:Five is also the reigning Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweeps Champion and was honored to be a National Harmony Sweepstakes finalist. In addition, 4:2:Five has worked extensively for Disney and performed at dozens of corporate venues, theaters, and schools. Amongst a musical landscape of imitators and manufactured acts, 4:2:Five is blazing new trails and winning the hearts and imaginations of audiences big and small and of every race, creed, sex, and age.
To categorize their approach to recording as innovative would be an understatement. The clarity of their harmonies, melodies, and the interdependence of their vocal performances render 4:2:Five akin to a professionally orchestrated band, minus the instruments. Their focus on the combination of rhythm and melody where the latter takes precedence, but does not overshadow the former, have helped to create some intensely infectious tunes, which are sure to open the door for a cappella to gain a more prestigious commercial foothold on the musical marketplace. Songs such as "Look at Me" and "Why do You" epitomize the originality and surprising lyrical depth of this talented Fivesome. For 4:2:Five, the future is now, with their current album's "EP" and "Time Machine" being sold across the nation at live performances, and their latest CD, "Unstoppable" slated for release this winter. For more information on individual members of 4:2:Five, please click the pictures to the right.

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