Found & Lost: Goals for 2002

Silver Venue

  Fri 5/18
  Sat 5/19
6:30 PM Sun 5/20
8:10 PM Mon 5/21
  Tue 5/22
6:00 PM Wed 5/23
7:35 PM Thu 5/24
  Fri 5/25
1:30 PM Sat 5/26
5:20 PM Sun 5/27

Tickets: $9

inFluxdance - Boston, MA / Charlottesville, VA

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Read a review on the Orlando Sentinel Theatre Blog

Montreal's Spirit of the Fringe 2006! Four Stars from the Montreal Gazette! inFluxdance promises an amazing show! See why critics rave about their integration of dance, text and American Sign Language.

Found & Lost: Goals for 2002

Ma Belle

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Ryan wrote 15 years 36 weeks ago

Seen on the Six Characters

Seen on the Six Characters blog:
""Found and Lost" by the inFluxdance company. These gals rock. They not only burst with energy and individual, vibrant personalities but we found their show completely engrossing. At times comical and at times emotional, there was even a sniffle or two coming from our crew by the end. They're also the nicest, coolest bunch of people we've met so far at the Fringe. We want to take them home with us."

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