Random Show by the Extreme Improv Guys

Silver Venue

11:00 PM Fri 5/18
3:40 PM Sat 5/19
5:20 PM Sun 5/20
10:45 PM Mon 5/21
  Tue 5/22
  Wed 5/23
6:00 PM Thu 5/24
  Fri 5/25
Midnight Sat 5/26
5:45 PM Sun 5/27

Tickets: $7 ($5)
(Fringe Artists and Military)

Mature Content

Name Change Pending Extreme Improv Troupe - Boynton Beach, FL

Official Website

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Extreme Improv Random Show. Games involve danger, nudity, whippings, pellet guns and more. You choose the games. We try to survive. This ain’t your Daddy’s improv.

"...they are definitely for the wilder crowd...it is impossible to ignore this troupe. They provide a different take on the improv art form and can make for an interesting evening." Improvmiami.com

Extreme Improv, is a groundbreaking formula that calls for 100% interactive audience participation combined with elements that make traditional improv funny, topped with liberal doses of danger, pain, humiliation, torture, electricity, violence, ice, food, potential drowning, potential loss of consciousness, pharmaceuticals, and partial-to-full nudity.

Extreme Improv

NCP has invented and perfected such unusual games as:

* Head in a Bucket of...
* A Flogging Good Time
* Ice On the Rocks
* Cram It!
* Shock Therapy
* Drug of Choice
* Bring the Pain
* Strip Torture

We are constantly developing and producing new games, with the intent to keep our production fresh. Keep and eye out for Amish Rake Fight, Fire in the Hole, The Trifecta, The Inquisition and WWJD (What Would Jay Do?)

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