Linwood Sassy’s Screw You Revue

Brown Venue

  Fri 5/18
6:40 PM Sat 5/19
2:10 PM Sun 5/20
11:00 PM Mon 5/21
  Tue 5/22
9:35 PM Wed 5/23
11:30 PM Thu 5/24
  Fri 5/25
  Sat 5/26
8:30 PM Sun 5/27

Tickets: $10 ($8)
(Seniors, official Linwood
Sassy t-shirt)

Mature Audiences

Dewey Chaffee Productions - Orlando, FL

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Meet Linwood Sassy, Beloved Superstar and King of the Catheter Circuit. Linwood's comedy revue makes it's stop in Orlando, along with sexy Nurse Gracie, and John the Orderly.

.. My name's Linwood Sassy and I'm 89 years old. I'm too old to worry about sayin' the "wrong thing" or bein' "politically correct." The fact is, my manager, Mr. Dewey Chaffee, booked my act at the Orlando International Fringe Festival and I AM PISSED. I consider myself a PROFESSIONAL entertainer and I am not too keen on havin' my show appear at some rinky-dink "theater festival." I know what those "festivals" are all about: a bunch of homosexuals runnin' around on stage NAKED and callin' it "art." Screw that! I refuse to do it. So don't get too excited about my show. I'm not comin'.

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Ryan wrote 15 years 36 weeks ago


THE SCREW YOU REVUE STARRING LINWOOD SASSY!! Brown venue! 3 shows left! May 23rd @ 9:35pm; 24th @ 11:30pm and 27th @ 8:30pm.

Thank you to our wonderful friends who have come out to support us so far...your kind words are SO appreciated!!


"What can I say, Dewey and Robyn have great chemistry and John de Orderly too! The show had me in tears I was laughing so much. It reminds me of that grandfather you have that just pretty much says what's on his mind without editing what he says, Must see! Great job!" (Thank you, Jose!!)

"Oh my Lord!! Can I just tell you I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!! I almost peed in my pants!!!! If you like to laugh, go see this show and if you don't like to laugh then SCREW YOU!" (Thank you, Denna from

"The show was so funny. I enjoyed it all as did Darth!!! Keep up the good work!" (thank you, Beth Marshall)

"You were great on Saturday, I had a blast. I think I peed myself a little." (thanks, Mike!)

"You were HILARIOUS in yesterday's show!" (thanks David!!)

"Amazing. It was great and it looked like you had a blast! Dewey cracked me up through our whole show, too. I kept having to turn my back to the audience. Flawless." (thanks Megan!!)

"I enjoyed your show Robyn. You did great as always!" (thanks Charles!)

"Incredible! Jack is planning to become ill, so when Linwood passes away you can be HIS nurse. And he'll quickly die laughing....thanks for a WONDERFUL show!" (thank you, Susan!)

"I enjoyed your show... I did tell you that I peed a little... I needed that bed pan you were holding, but for some reason I just couldn't hold it in any longer!" (thanks, Sarah)

"I need my meds! You two are great together!" (thanks Brian)

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