The Glamorous Andrea Merlyn Magic Show: The Return!

Red Venue

11:00 PM Fri 5/18
  Sat 5/19
12:40 PM Sun 5/20
7:40 PM Mon 5/21
  Tue 5/22
  Wed 5/23
  Thu 5/24
5:30 PM Fri 5/25
8:05 PM Sat 5/26
9:40 PM Sun 5/27

Tickets: $10 ($8)
Cross-dressers and
Transgendered with ID)

Magic Taylor'd For You! - Indianapolis, IN

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The Glamorous Andrea Merlyn Magic Show: The Return!

Direct from Magic Chicago, Andrea Merlyn returns to the Orlando Fringe Theater Festival for 6 shows at the Orlando Repertory Theater Red Venue. The creator of the show, Master Magician Taylor Martin, creates new characters for the new show called "The Glamorous Andrea Merlyn Magic Show: The Return!"

"Enid Breation the drunk girl comes from my experiences working in nightclubs," says Taylor. "She will bother a lot of folks before the show, so don't be afraid. She's actually very safe." Also will be a new production called "Pandechenahl" which is an infomercial featuring Shammie Baye Fakkir a real snake oil seller, who is trying to sell another of those totally worthless medicines you see on TV today. "She's from Homeopathetic Industries and will cure what ails you, whether you're sick or not."

These new characters, as well as Andrea Merlyn herself, will magically entertain you. A true theatrical show, there will be amazing tricks to baffle as well as comedy that will make you think. Wonder abounds as she performs her amazing sleight of hand, while wearing evening gloves. Ever seen a magician perform any trick with gloves on? Come and see what the folks at Monday Night Magic and the Penn and Teller show call "an amazing moment in magic."

This is Taylor's second year in Orlando and his fourth Fringe Festival internationally. The show was the #1 show in it's venue last year in Indianapolis and has gained a lot of attention from last year's Orlando Fringe.

Come see what magicians and audiences all over the US are calling a "unique blend of comedy and magic." Get your tickets today.

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