Father’s Day

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"Father's Day" is a character-driven, emotional drama that explores the journey of a man after his fatherhood is taken from him. Edward slaves away at his job to ensure his family's future is secure - at the expense of spending quality time with them. His purpose is to be a provider, a selfless man who believes sacrifice now will pay dividends later. But, when he misses a family event because of an unexpected problem at work, he hears news that a reckless driver has killed his son and crippled his wife in a major car wreck. The town feels Edward, a local everyman, deserves justice. The local law enforcement, disgusted with teen crimes of carelessness and the District Attorney's policies of forgiveness, secretly awards Edward the opportunity to get revenge - his way without legal intervention, unchallenged by law or anyone for that matter. "Father's Day" explores the journey of a broken father who must choose his reason for living: revenge or redemption?

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