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Tickets: $10 ($8)
(Students, Seniors
and Artists)

Mature Audiences

theater simple - Seattle, WA

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Read the review on the Orlando Sentinel Theatre Blog

An astutely intimate rollercoaster, 52 PICK UP works like memory; not linear, but random, non-sequiter, gut-jumping, and cumulative, swerving from gut-busting comedy to quiet heartbreak in the literal drop of a card.

“... an alluring romantic comedy - moving at the pace of a Tarantino film – and as predictable as Russian roulette.” -The Express, PERTH

SOLD OUT RUNS: Singapore, Australia, USA

52 Pickup

What's the deal about 52 PICK UP?
52 ‘titles’ about a failed relationship are written on an ordinary deck of playing cards. At the top of the show, the performers throws the deck of cards in the air. The show order is then determined by random chance* as the cards are picked up throughout the performance.
*RANDOM. Note this word. We mean it – we really don’t have any sequence memorized. That would be waaaay too much work, even for us.

52 PICK UP by TJ Dawe and Rita Bozi
directed by K.Brian Neel, with Llysa Holland and Andrew Litzky as the Guy and The Gal


Ryan wrote 15 years 36 weeks ago

Imagine a love story with a

Imagine a love story with a sweet beginning, a rough climax and a... well, they don't really tell it in order. In 52 Pick-Up, we get such a story written by TJ Dawe and Rita Bozi, where each consecutive scene is chosen at random from a deck of cards.

This show takes scenes ranging from 5 seconds to a few minutes, each containing observations and situations from a relationship and writes the name of each on a card from a standard deck. The performers then throw the cards in the air and pick them up one by one, performing each scene in whatever order they are read. You don't really take any more time to get used to these characters than you would in a normal play, and despite the inherent lack of an arc, there are a few scenes with the ability to bring tears (but maybe I just feel like crying when I see someone doing it).

Ryan wrote 15 years 36 weeks ago

Fantastic writing, great

Fantastic writing, great acting, I didn't lose the story for a second!

Blogging Fringe » Updated Show Pages wrote 15 years 36 weeks ago

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