2007: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Green Venue

  Fri 5/18
12:40 PM Sat 5/19
7:15 PM Sun 5/20
  Mon 5/21
10:30 PM Tue 5/22
  Wed 5/23
  Thu 5/24
9:05 PM Fri 5/25
12:00 PM Sat 5/26
8:30 PM Sun 5/27

Tickets: $8 ($6)
(Active Military, Seniors,
Sea World Employees)

Clarion Refugees - Altamonte Springs, FL

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In the 1960s, interracial dating caused a ruckus. In the 1980s we were debating same sex relationships. Welcome to the new century! Explore the next big issue: INTER-SPECIES DATING...

Hi, my name is Frank. I'm writing to you to get some sympathy. I'm the guy in the middle, in case you can't tell.

My daughter Joanie just brought home her new boyfriend, Shamus. He's an Orca. Don't call him a killer whale, it hurts his feelings.

As you can tell, my wife Marie flipped out, and believe me, she's not one to hold back her opinion. As usual, Sister John Paul Ringo is no help. All she wants to do is talk about is fundraising at the church, how much she loves fancy shoes.

Besides hollering, they all seem to want to sing. They're making so much noise I can hardly watch the game on TV.


So be a pal and come lend me some moral support. Fringe Festival. Green Venue. If you need more information, check out www.orlandofringe.org and look up 2007: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. It'll be worth it, trust me.

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