Purple Venue

11:45 PM Fri 5/18
  Sat 5/19
7:15 PM Sun 5/20
9:50 PM Mon 5/21
  Tue 5/22
7:40 PM Wed 5/23
11:50 PM Thu 5/24
10:05 PM Fri 5/25
9:00 PM Sat 5/26
  Sun 5/27

Tickets: $10

Angelkiss Productions - Orlando, FL

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Once upon a time Christian Kelty, creator of Joe’s NYC Bar, dreamt of a bull and a matador and the cursed town they try to save. The cast and crew list reads as a virtual who’s who in the Orlando entertainment scene. Directing the piece are Christian Kelty of Temenos Theatre Ensemble and Michael Marinaccio, of Mary’s Wedding, The Blue Room and Farrago with Technical Direction by Laurel Clark, Artistic Director of Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Theatre. Original score and live musical performance are by Nathan “Liam” Adams of Bughead and Preacher Bill and the Prophets fame. Designer extraordinaire, Tom Mangieri, has created an incredible visual environment for the piece and the fight choreography is being tackled by From the Hilt’s Ryan Gigliotti.

Producer Tim Hogan is thrilled with his pedigreed cast of local favorites Tim Williams, Don Fowler, Eric Pinder, Ricky Avila, Avis-Marie Barnes, Nadia Garzon, and Peni Lotoza who have graced the stages of Orlando Shakespeare Festival, Orlando Rep, Mad Cow, Theatre Downtown, Orlando Theatre Project, SAK, People’s Theatre, Disney, Universal, and numerous Orlando Fringe venues.

Known for risky and risqué pieces such as Obscenity, Joe’s NYC Bar and Born:The Hard Times and Fast Lives of Adam and Eve, Kelty wanted to avoid the adult content that decorated those pieces. “Matador is a like a classic fable,” says Kelty, “I wanted to write a story that could have been handed down through generations, to children and grandchildren.” The script has a poetic and dreamlike feel which takes the audience on a journey from the decaying town church to the vistas of the Spanish countryside to the excitement and intensity of the bullring.



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