Andrea’s Revolution

Blue Venue

  Fri 5/18
7:55 PM Sat 5/19
3:40 PM Sun 5/20
  Mon 5/21
10:15 PM Tue 5/22
7:20 PM Wed 5/23
  Thu 5/24
6:00 PM Fri 5/25
11:00 AM Sat 5/26
9:25 PM Sun 5/27

Tickets: $10 ($8)
(Fringe Artists, PRT
Members, Military,
Students & Seniors)

DnA Productions - Orlando, FL

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Femme Terrorists commit an act of war. Written by Nicole A. Carson, this piece will make you think twice about your next botox session.

Andrea's Revolution

Andrea's Revolution is the newest play by Nicole Antonia Carson. It is the story of Andrea Ratzenberg and her revolt against those who feed off of the insecurities of others. Don't miss this groundbreaking new play at the 2007 Orlando International Fringe Festival!


Robert wrote 15 years 35 weeks ago

Great show. Characters were

Great show. Characters were diverse, real and interesting. The conflict really drove the story and discovery was truthful. Well played.

Ryan wrote 15 years 37 weeks ago

Free Donuts at Andrea’s

Free Donuts at Andrea’s Revolution!

Tuesday 5/22 10:15 PM
Saturday 5/26 11:00 AM

Come get yours!

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