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(Joan Crawford /Bette
Davis Impersonators

Mature Audiences

Guys in Disguise - Edmonton, Canada

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Read a review on the Orlando Sentinel Theatre Blog

Guys in Disguise have been performing at Canadian Theatres (yes - that's how Canadians spell theatre) and Festivals since 1987. That's 20 years of producing original Cross Dressing Comedies. At their inaugural visit to the Orlando Fringe they will be presenting BitchSlap! by Darrin Hagen. Joan Crawford (The Movie Star) and Bette Davis (The Actress): the ultimate Screen Goddesses. Too bad they hated each other so much! In this real-life showbiz feud, Crawford and Davis battle royally (like Queens) over roles, top billing, Oscars and MEN. BitchSlap! stars Darrin Hagen, Trevor Schmidt & Davina Stewart, and is directed by Trevor Schmidt (Award Winners - All). A smash hit on the Canadian Fringe Circuit, BitchSlap! makes its American Debut at the 2007 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.


Blogging Fringe » Updated Show Pages wrote 13 years 6 weeks ago

[...] with

[...] with reviews/links/podcasts on them, in venue order: SPORT: REMATCH Elvis an Roy: The Last Concert Bitchslap! VarieTEASE: Carnivale Zombie Girlfriend Boys, Boys, Boys! P.S. 69 Matador Steel Magnolias Bat Boy: [...]

Kevin wrote 13 years 7 weeks ago

BitchSlap! - the best fringe

BitchSlap! - the best fringe show I've seen - EVER!

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