Seeking Updates from Montreal Fringe

So, I know Montreal Fringe is going on right now (June 7th - 17th), but I'm a poor blogger living in Orlando, so what do I do? Ask for help!

If you're in the second largest city in Canada and you have an internet connection, a camera, a mobile phone, or even a landline (1-321-441-3964), will proudly play host to your content. If you have a video, we can suggest a way for you to make a small handful of change from making said video. If you just want to be our MySpace friend, you can do that too!

All serious offers will be accepted, really.


Michael Black wrote 16 years 45 weeks ago

Can't you do simple

Can't you do simple websearches? Because if you did, you'd
know there's no reason for you to have this content, since
it already exists and a lot closer to Montreal.

It's a joke, that I found your insulting (because it ignores
what already exists) post, but you've never heard of me.

Some of us have been around the Montreal Fringe for a really
long time, and some of us have posted things to the internet
for a really long time (if someone was ten the first time I
posted something about the Festival online, they'd now be 22),
yet there are all kinds of carpetbaggers coming in thinking
they've invented things. More to the point, they haven't
defined what to do with the internet when it comes to
Fringe Festivals, they've merely followed the mass. I suspect
you couldn't even tell me about the connecton between zines and
the internet. or Digger broadsides from forty years ago and
the internet. Yet you really think you can decide how we
use the internet? You certainly can't teach me anything, but
if you'd come to me a decade ago, I could have taught you lots
about how to use the medium, to compensate for traditional
problems of outreach and organization, because there were
real limitations decades ago, yet too many small groups
just replicate all that mess, on the internet.

The neat thing about Fringe Festivals was that it worked
around the blockage of old media, trying to work the crowd
directly to bring in that audience. But over time that is
lost, and it's never really translated to the internet.

Fringe Festivals have lost out, because the "leadership"
couldn't make the jump to the internet, instead following
trends. So when they were starting out, the internet should
have been about growing the festivals, but instead the internet
was barely used, prefering to pander to old media, and only now
when a certain level has been reached is there any desire
to be trendy with the internet.


Ryan wrote 16 years 45 weeks ago

Hi Michael, Thanks for

Hi Michael,

Thanks for paying attention!

As for my negative blog post, all I can say is that is how I felt at the time. I've already posted the blog and it can't be taken back now.

As to the origins of Fringe and the use of internet or other media, let me just say that this is my 5th year as a Fringe patron and my 2nd year making an attempt and building an online community around any Fringe Festival. I'm not trying to say I have all the answers, that's why I make publishing on Blogging Fringe open to anyone and everyone.

The Fringe is not the effort of one person or even a single group of people, but the sum of the parts of dozens if not hundreds or thousands of groups and individuals all fitting within a framework that allows for everyone to express themselves and produce original or existing material in an affordable environment. I believe that the collection of the artists, volunteers, producers, patrons and people who know nothing about Fringe all having access to the same resources online will enhance the Fringe experience and raise the collective consciousness around Fringe.

The message you're responding to is my first ever attempt to reach out to the Fringe community outside my native Orlando - as the weeks and months roll by, I hope people will realize the intent behind this outreach. I believe the philosophy behind is apparent if you take some time to browse through the pages, posts, videos, mobile blogs, reviews and audio posts we've produced around two Orlando Fringes - by reaching out to the community and providing them with the same resources and help (if they ask for it) with using them, we're telling the Fringe community "We're here, and we're listening. We want to help you be heard."

Jeremy wrote 16 years 45 weeks ago

OK. Michael's response was a

OK. Michael's response was a little harsh if you ask me. I think it's an example of someone, who has been involved with an organization or community for a very long time, feeling like they know what it should or should not be. They feel a kind of ownership or entitlement and tend to not accept change very easily. Michael has undoubtedly worked very hard supporting the Fringe and helping it grow over the years. That's a great feeling in the beginning, but like you said, Fringe is bigger than one person or one group of people. That's what makes it so different! There are a million "right" ways to do things. This situation just seems like a matter of taste. The minute we start restricting Fringe due to matters of taste is the minute it ceases to be Fringe.
I say "Bravo" Ryan, for all your hard work. Fringe is lucky to have you guys, and so is Orlando.

denna wrote 16 years 45 weeks ago

Wow, I think this guy Michael

Wow, I think this guy Michael and his zines, diggers and what not is totally not understanding what Blogging Fringe is about.
Whatever! about teaching the internet and it’s vast possibilities.
We want to know about the people. When I first read your post I was looking forward to hearing about those people that I met at our Fringe and that are now on the circuit; Poofy du Vey, Amy Salloway, the Oops Guys among them.
I am and I think Ryan is in NO WAY ignoring what is already posted. I already know when/ where your Fringe is. We’re trying to get is the heart of the festival; the people, the pictures and personal updates from our Fringe friends; not information about the product that is the Montreal Fringe.
I think your request Ryan is AWESOME. There are many people new to the Fringe and to put those links in there so that they can find out more information about other Fringes is great. It also shows that Orlando cares about the people involved in our festival. We want to know how their shows is being received. How their experience is. What do they think about other festivals.
I say shame on you Michael Black! Shame on you for not appreciating Ryan’s and Blogging Fringes effort to promote awareness in other Fringe festivals. Shame on your for not wanting this site to show interest in your festival. Shame on you for what I see is an attack on his internet skills (who cares who invented the f-ing internet or how long you have been mastering it, nowhere do I see Ryan claiming to have invented posting about Fringes...) when people want updates from the performers who endeared themselves to us while at the Orlando Fringe who are currently visiting the Canadian festivals. I hope that you are more responsive and supportive to the performers as they visit your Fringe then you are to people trying to inform others and create an awareness of a art culture.

tim wrote 16 years 45 weeks ago

Black's response is the

Black's response is the problem that fringe groups are having with connecting to the web and all its glory, not their indecision. He wants his (or their) singular voice to be the web experience for Montreal. The Digger broadsides and the zines he references were independent voices speaking what was not being said in the mainstream. Alternative. Anti-establishment. They filled an information void for the next generation. His argument for maintaining that approach is the very thing they railed against.

This is what he misses about your offer: New Audience, regardless of location, venue or performance. I was not able to go this year. Variety of reasons. And obviously won't be making it to Montreal. But I was introduced to a multitude of artist that I missed and all the while found some really great stuff through Blogging Fringe. Ironically, I probably found more than I would have if I had gone since I had only gone to 2 - 3 shows a year previously. I now have a bookmark folder and rss reader full of new artists. And just because Orlando Fringe has closed up shop, your ability to connect to the movement, and by proxy the other artists, elsewhere would keep me around for more. I will (I hope) find out about some nifty artist goodness from the frozen land of Montreal.

I also don't think that organizers and those intimately involved in putting it together should be that voice on the web. They have an extremely hard task at making it happen. The best part of what you and your site did was provide an outlet for artist to connect outside of their own fan base and keep it within the context of Orlando performances. It is a part of the community though. Not THE community.

There is so much to be gained. I could write for a few pages. Artist that might discover Orlando that never looked before. Six degrees of separation work for networking and awareness, not just Kevin Bacon. The possibility of a new audience willing to chase the experience there. Grassroots connecting to grassroots. In the end, Mr Black painted himself curmudgeon and old. I did what you are doing and hope other cities might reach out if Montreal doesn't.

(By the way, why can't the earth be flat)

Linwood Sassy wrote 16 years 45 weeks ago

Wow, Mr. Black. And they tell

Wow, Mr. Black. And they tell ME that I'm an old, codgerly bastard!

Lighten up, fella. This is supposed to be FUN.

Screw You.

Linwood Sassy

Courtney wrote 16 years 45 weeks ago

Yeah, I read MB's response to

Yeah, I read MB's response to your post and didn't get it at all! what's the deal, mr. black?

take a chill pill, would ya?

hope you're well! and keep up the great work!


Derick Lengwenus wrote 16 years 44 weeks ago

Hi Ryan, Thanks for taking

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for taking an interest in the Montreal Fringe Festival. A lot of good stuff this year. When I figure it out I'll send you something from my show called "George Bush, Live in Press Conference" winner of Best Comedy in this year's festival.

By the way, when was the Orlando Festival?



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