Pecha Kucha Night at Orlando Fringe?

Edit: Lately I've been thinking Battledecks would be a great addition to the Fringe. The Pecha Kucha mentioned below is pretty similar.
Edit 2: The short slideshows will be held at the Outdoor Stage on Monday, May 24th, around 7PM.
Edit 3: We have a facebook event for Small Talk at Fringe:

I'd like to invite the Fringe community to create something at the outdoor stage. I love the poetry slams, but I think there is more room for showing off creativity. I've been involved with an evening of art, creativity, and great storytelling a few times, and I think the outdoor stage of Fringe will be greatly served by adding a Pecha Kucha event (pa-chalk-chuh).


Once upon a time in Tokyo, some designers and architects decided to get together and show off their work. However, some of them were not great presenters... i.e. they gave long and boring slideshows with tons of slides.

Artists love constraints, so they decided to limit themselves to 20 slides that auto-advance every 20 seconds. They called this 20x20 format "pecha kucha", which is Japanese for chit-chat. The format has grown to be incredibly viral, and there are even some copy cat events out there, which are equally amazing.

If you'd like to be involved, or you're still confused, comment here. We'll chit chat!

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