2008 Fringe applications now Online

The all-new OrlandoFringe.org website has a link to the 2008 Fringe artist application. I am helping out with some programming and implementation of the site this year, and I'm very honored to be able to help out.

I was thinking about doing a Blogging Fringe show (or something in a similar vein) but then I saw that you can get 7 shows at the outdoor stage for less money than I paid to rent a vendor space last year - I'm so taking that option. Expect to see 7 Blogging Fringe shows, all videotaped, all including interviews with patrons and artists, all including songs and dances (maybe). Who knows what we'll be doing? All I know is I'll have to apply later, because I'm broke.

If I could bind myself to doing 7 events during Fringe this year, then maybe I can prove my ability to do 7 shows next year, or perhaps an outdoor event will always be our deal from now on.

What would you like to see at a Blogging Fringe show outdoors?


Delor.es.Defacto wrote 6 years 14 weeks ago

Well, exactly what are you

Well, exactly what are you thinking about putting in the outdoor show?

Ryan wrote 6 years 13 weeks ago

"interviews with patrons and

"interviews with patrons and artists, all including songs and dances (maybe)"

'nuff said.

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