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Boris and WHiRR

You simply must check out Katharine's Photoset of Fringe-goers and Fringe celebs posing with Boris, her super-fun robot. It was great having the WHiRR tent be my home away from home. My business, Cervo Systems, sponsored the tent, and Katharine is my friend, so I hung out there quite a bit. This festival would not have been the same without Katharine, Kristian, Boris and a home base.

“as Judy Garland sings”

I had the impression going in that this was going to be a Wanzie-fest, but came out impressed by Tommy Wooten, and loving the ever-lovely, multi-taleted Becky Fisher even more.

Show: The Lion Queen and the Naked Go-Go Cub
Venue: Orange Venue (Margeson Theatre @ Orlando Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-20 @ 8:00pm, 5-21 @ 10:20pm, 5-22 @ 8:40pm, 5-24 @ 7:00pm, 5-26 @ 11:35pm, 5-27 @ 4:50pm and 5-28 @ 12:00pm, encore
Tickets: $10

Streakin’ is lost on me

I was not alive in the 70's, therefore, 9 out of 10 of the jokes in Streakin' were not funny to me.

Show: Streakin'!
Venue: Orange Venue (Margeson Theatre @ Orlando Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-19 @ 8:20pm, 5-20 @ 4:00m, 5-21 @ 12:00pm, 5-22 @ 6:30pm, 5-24 @ 11:20pm, 5-27 @ 8:00pm and 5-28 @ 8:50pm
Tickets: $10

“you were being, like, Pitchfork to Mark…”

So for me, my last night at Fringe was on Friday. I was happy to be there that day, although because of weather/travel issues, I missed Tape. I was really interested in seeing it not only because I've seen the film adaptation (and my boyfriend loves it), but because I am interested to see how a high school production fits into Fringe. I support the kids doing it, and I think it's fantastic experience to be around so many professionals.

“cheeky Candian fuh-ah!”

For all of the "staff" at, TJ Dawe has obviously been a huge part of our experience. Seeing that most of us had already seen Charles Ross's One Man Lord of the Rings, One Man Star Wars et. al., both of which TJ directed, and most of us girls simply fell in love with him, he was a big name from the start of the week.

And then we got to interview him.

And we saw him at Mark's show.

And then I saw his show, Canadian Bartender at Butlin's.

Sorry, you missed Real Time

What a great story, and now they are going back to Alberta. That was just some good old-fashioned theatre, and if you saw it you don't need to hear it from me, and if you didn't see it shame on you.

Show: Real Time
Venue: Purple Venue (Tupperware Theatre at Orlando Repertory Theatre)
Times: 5-20 @ 2:20pm, 5-21 @ 7:00pm, 5-22 @ 11:45pm, 5-23 @ 10:00pm, 5-25 @ 6:00pm, 5-26 @ 11:25pm and 5-27 @ 9:35pm
Tickets: $10

Why are you still sitting?

If you are reading this, STOP, go see PAINT CHIPS! I wish I had seen this earlier in the week, it was wonderful!

Show: Paint Chips
Venue: Yellow Venue (Goldman Theatre at Orlando Shakespeare Festival)
Times: 5-19 @ 6:15pm, 5-21 @ 6:55pm, 5-22 @ 9:50pm, 5-24 @ 7:40pm, 5-26 @ 6:00pm, 5-27 @ 8:00pm and 5-28 @ 12:15pm
Tickets: $10

Winding Down?

For all my lofty statements about wanting to see a little of everything, I fell victim to peer pressure and saw the show all my friends were going to - TJ Dawe's. Now I love him, and his show is fantastic, but I feel a little down for not going to see one of the other dozens of shows.

If you didn't see the audio interview with TJ Dawe - why not? it is very easy to download and listen to. I even took the 2:45 that I cut and made a little clip - because there is some entertaining stuff in there, but it does not serve the interview.

The Little Comedy

Show: Romance/Romance: The Little Comedy
Venue: Yellow Venue (Tupperware Theatre at Orlando Repertory Theatre)
Times: 5-20 @ 7:40pm, 5-21 @ 1:25pm, 5-22 @ 6:00pm, 5-24 @ 11:00pm, 5-26 @ 7:40pm, 5-27 @ 1:55pm and 5-28 @ 3:35pm
Tickets: $10

Interview with TJ Dawe

Show: A Canadian Bartender at Butlin's
Venue: Orange Venue (Margeson Theatre @ Orlando Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5-21 @ 6:00pm, 5-22 @ 10:50pm, 5-24 @ 9:10pm, 5-25 @ 6:15pm, 5-26 @ 9:25pm, 5-27 @ 2:40pm and 5-28 @ 4:30pm
Tickets: $10

Blogging Fringe Podcast 03
Length: 23:07

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