Winding Down?

The talkback you never get at the festival!

this is totally going on my podcast! Blogging Fringe podcast started almost 10 years ago when a kid with a microphone wanted to see the Fringe have more of an online presence, and he dragged the artists and patrons kicking and screaming. Then YouTube, Facebook and Twitter exploded and the reviewers, artists, patrons and freaks were all getting online! Now after a 5 year hiatus, Ryan is going back to the roots and interviewing touring artists who are passing through Orlando on their way to Canada, Edinburgh, Australia and the rest of the globe. Subscribe in iTunes or subscribe in your favorite podcast app to get weekly updates throughout the season!

For all my lofty statements about wanting to see a little of everything, I fell victim to peer pressure and saw the show all my friends were going to - TJ Dawe's. Now I love him, and his show is fantastic, but I feel a little down for not going to see one of the other dozens of shows.

If you didn't see the audio interview with TJ Dawe - why not? it is very easy to download and listen to. I even took the 2:45 that I cut and made a little clip - because there is some entertaining stuff in there, but it does not serve the interview. Check it out:

Podcast 03 Outtakes

Two more full days of shows to go, and then Monday come the Patron's Picks, or as I have been calling them, Venue Favorites. The currently announced PPs are as follows:

  • Orange Venue: The Lion Queen and the Naked Go-Go Cub (also listed as the Lion Queens for some reason)
  • Red Venue: Bathhouse: The Musical!
  • Brown Venue: Lilly & Lila's Lovely Lesbian Hour
  • Pink Venue: Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach

I am curious to see what some of the smaller venues end up with: Green Venue - of the three shows I've seen there, it was a bit of a toss-up as to the largest crowd.

Mark really has the best marketing this year - great posters, multi-platform promotions, what with the podcasts, leading the pack to MySpace, and the awesome signs I saw in the Round Room today - he was quoting reviews that had only been posted hours before (namely Emily).

Can Fringe really be in a state of deceleration, or is that just the way I see it? Not quite "the Home Stretch" yet, but we are surely Rounding Third, to stick with the baseball terms.

I am proud of this year's Fringe - I was not in town last year, but from what I understand, the online aspect was almost non-existent. The Sentinel has got great up-to-date coverage, bloggers and MySpacers are posting all the time, I saw some people with video cameras around (which I can only assume will be posted to the web). Now the hard-core Fringers will all be thinking of next year: if people do their homework, there are some insane viral marketing campaigns out there. I hope we won't be so MySpace reliant in a year - maybe people won't cringe when I say Podcast and RSS Feed.


Mark Baratelli wrote 18 years 4 weeks ago

Thank you for the shout outs

Thank you for the shout outs Ryan. You've also done a great job of introducing new concepts to a festival that will surely appreciate and learn from them.

I'd love to have a roundtable with you and a few others (Brian Feldman, your co-host for Crapface, other marketing/creative folk) and record a podcast on what the future of Fringe could look like: marketing shows, marketing fringe, and my personal crusade "the end of flyers." LOL. That might be some good audio and something to share with others.

Ryan wrote 18 years 4 weeks ago

Hmmm... a "panel of experts"

Hmmm... a "panel of experts" as it were.

How about, Thursday, June 15th at Stardust Video and Coffee? Say, 7PM? (:D)

Paige wrote 18 years 3 weeks ago

Congrats Mark on winning the

Congrats Mark on winning the Blue Venue! The Green Venue has also been announced. Surprisingly enough, it went to Life: The Evolution of Man (Abridged). ???

Mark Baratelli wrote 18 years 3 weeks ago

Ok I made some changes to the

Ok I made some changes to the meeting description. Email me some names of people you'd like to include and I'll do the same.


Brian Feldman wrote 18 years 3 weeks ago

Was Green Venue the weakest,

Was Green Venue the weakest, and by weakest I mean the farthest, of Orlando Fringe

Emily wrote 18 years 3 weeks ago

July 15th? Do I have to mark

July 15th? Do I have to mark my calendar? Hrrmrmmmmm?

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