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The talkback you never get at the festival!

this is totally going on my podcast! Blogging Fringe podcast started almost 10 years ago when a kid with a microphone wanted to see the Fringe have more of an online presence, and he dragged the artists and patrons kicking and screaming. Then YouTube, Facebook and Twitter exploded and the reviewers, artists, patrons and freaks were all getting online! Now after a 5 year hiatus, Ryan is going back to the roots and interviewing touring artists who are passing through Orlando on their way to Canada, Edinburgh, Australia and the rest of the globe. Subscribe in iTunes or subscribe in your favorite podcast app to get weekly updates throughout the season!

Blogging Fringe 1507: The Road Less Gravelled - Wanda Carroll

Wanda CarrollDownload Blogging Fringe 1507: The Road Less Gravelled - Wanda Carroll
Length: 37:06

Wanda Carroll is a Canadian storyteller, originally from Newfoundland, where her one-woman show, The Road Less Gravelled (Red Venue) is set. Wanda tells us stories about growing up in isolation, what it was like to leave for the mainland and talks about a Storytelling festival she is producing at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.

Blogging Fringe 1506: Exclusion Zone - Martin Dockery

Martin Dockery Download Blogging Fringe 1506: Exclusion Zone - Martin Dockery
Length: 49:05

Martin Dockery, a New-York based storyteller, talks to us about his upcoming show, The Exclusion Zone (yellow venue, 2015), and a show he is performing with his wife Vanessa Quesnelle, Moonlight After Midnight in the Green venue in 2015. Martin discusses his trips to various places around the world, and how he wants to bring the feeling to his audience. Listen to the interview to discover all the secrets Martin can impart before the apocalypse arrives!

Blogging Fringe 1505: Absolute Magic - Keith Brown

Keith Brown Download Blogging Fringe 1505: Absolute Magic - Keith Brown
Length: 39:42

Keith Brown, award-winning magician and Canadian Fringe touring artist, joins us to discuss his 2015 show Absolute Magic, in the Yellow venue at Orlando Fringe. He discusses how he got into the world of magic (Jumping Gemini), his idols in the magic world, his TED talk and how he became the Best Magician in Toronto. Check out for more.

TEDx Univ of Windsor "Magic of Thinking"
Global News - Morning News

Blogging Fringe 1504: From Como to Homo - Lynne Jassem

From Como to Homo Download Blogging Fringe 1504: From Como to Homo - Lynne Jassem
Length: 36:21

Lynne Jassem is a veteran performer with credits going back to her pre-teen days on the Perry Como show. Now she tours the world dancing, singing and entertaining people with stories from her life. She is bringing a one-woman show, From Como to Homo to the Red venue at the 2015 Orlando Fringe.

Watch Lynne on YouTube

Blogging Fringe 1503: Best Picture (Kurt Fitzpatrick, Jon Paterson, Tara Travis)

Best Picture Download Blogging Fringe 1503: Best Picture (Kurt Fitzpatrick, Jon Paterson, Tara Travis)
Length: 51:13

Best Picture is coming to the Brown venue for the 2015 Orlando Fringe. Kurt Fitzpatrick, Jon Paterson, and Tara Travis join Ryan to discuss their current run at the Rogue Festival in Fresno, how they'd like to play the Kodak theatre during Oscar Week, and how they got involved in the Fringe Family (Framily). Check out and for more.

Kurt Fitzpatrick (Cathedral City, The Last Straight Man in Theatre, Hooray for Speech Therapy, Rebel Without a Niche)
Jon Paterson (House [Best Male Performer 2014], Be a Man)
Tara Travis (The Shakespeare Show: Or, How an Illiterate Son of a Glover Became the Greatest Playwright in the World)

Blogging Fringe 1502: Late with Lance: Peter Michael Marino

Late with Lance Download 1502: Late with Lance: Peter Michael Marino
Length: 36:29

Peter Michael Marino is returning to Orlando this year with a new show in the Bronze Venue - Late with Lance - - Lance is a cruise ship tour director who has come to dry land and invites Liza Minelli, Hugh Jackman, and the Miami Sound Machine to be on his talkshow, for one night only. We discuss Peter's past theatre exploits, from STOMP to directing and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, writing a show based on Desperately Seeking Susan, playing the West End of London and Tokyo. Follow Lance on Twitter or find Lance on Facebook.

Blogging Fringe 1501: Windy Wynazz of Uncouth

Windy Wynazz in Uncouth Download 1501: Windy Wynazz
Length: 36:19

Our first podcast back is with the star and writer of Uncouth, a clown show appearing in the Pink Venue at the 2015 Orlando Fringe festival. Windy lives in Oakland, CA and has played Orlando Fringe in the past as part of "Who Murdered Winthrop Carlson", and brought this show to the New Orleans Fringe in 2014. She will be touring most of the Canadian circuit as well this summer, so wish her well! Check out for more.

Coding for a Cause and Florida DrupalCamp - Feb 20-21, 2010, Altamonte Springs

Download a 10 minute podcast about the 2010 Florida DrupalCamp and our Coding for a Cause non-profit benefit

Open Source software tools are a great resource for companies and organizations to cost-effectively connect, communicate, and organize members using the Internet. One of these free tools for website creation and management is Drupal, a content management system that uses a modular approach that allows organizations to easily customise their websites and use blogs, video and user content to build their communities.

Florida DrupalCamp - Feb 20-21, 2010

Drupal has a very active community that will gather at DrupalCamp Florida on February 20 and 21st, where new and seasoned users learn about and share their knowledge of Drupal. The event is an opportunity to get an overview of Drupal and the developer and user community in Florida. Guest speaker Addison Berry of Lullabot will discuss how everyone can participate in the growing international community. Saturday will be a day-long educational conference with beginner, intermediate and advanced tracks. Addison Berry of Lullabot will Sunday will be a Site Development Sprint to build a Drupal web site for a non-profit organization.

Information and Registration -

Date: Saturday February 20th and Sunday February 21st

Location: Mind Comet, 385 Pearl Lake Causeway
Altamonte Springs, Florida

VoiceMail Reviews: Wanderlust

Download VoiceMail Review 04
Length: 2:09

Pink Venue
5/16 SAT 7:25PM, 5/17 SUN 12:00PM, 5/18 MON 7:40PM, 5/19 TUE 11:00PM, 5/21 THU 9:20PM, 5/23 SAT 2:35PM, 5/24 SUN 9:10PM

Martin Dockery's performance was likened to "the first time you saw TJ Dawe" by the Orlando Sentinel. I tend to agree with the reviewer. Go and see this comical one-man show.

VoiceMail Reviews: Cary from the Cock

Download VoiceMail Review 03
Length: 1:20

Cary From The Cock
Red Venue
5/14 THU 11:50PM, 5/15 FRI 9:20PM, 5/16 SAT 7:50PM, 5/17 SUN 6:10PM, 5/19 TUE 7:55PM, 5/22 FRI 8:10PM, 5/23 SAT 9:30PM

New York's Cary Curran talks about her life as a Fag Hag, sings, dances, and even becomes a hot dog for the sake of showbusiness.

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