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Blogging Fringe 1510: Village Ax - Sydney Hayduk

Sydney Hayduck in Village AxDownload Blogging Fringe 1510: Village Ax - Sydney Hayduk
Length: 37:07

Sydney Hayduck's Village Ax is a one-woman / storytelling / dance piece with bedtime stories told to a little girl by her grandfather. "If you like to think and you like metaphysical stuff, this is your show". Sydney is from Winnepeg, and this is her first Orlando Fringe. We discuss devised theatre and how Sydney got involved with the community.

Blogging Fringe 1507: The Road Less Gravelled - Wanda Carroll

Wanda CarrollDownload Blogging Fringe 1507: The Road Less Gravelled - Wanda Carroll
Length: 37:06

Wanda Carroll is a Canadian storyteller, originally from Newfoundland, where her one-woman show, The Road Less Gravelled (Red Venue) is set. Wanda tells us stories about growing up in isolation, what it was like to leave for the mainland and talks about a Storytelling festival she is producing at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.

Blogging Fringe 1505: Absolute Magic - Keith Brown

Keith Brown Download Blogging Fringe 1505: Absolute Magic - Keith Brown
Length: 39:42

Keith Brown, award-winning magician and Canadian Fringe touring artist, joins us to discuss his 2015 show Absolute Magic, in the Yellow venue at Orlando Fringe. He discusses how he got into the world of magic (Jumping Gemini), his idols in the magic world, his TED talk and how he became the Best Magician in Toronto. Check out for more.

TEDx Univ of Windsor "Magic of Thinking"
Global News - Morning News

Blogging Fringe 1503: Best Picture (Kurt Fitzpatrick, Jon Paterson, Tara Travis)

Best Picture Download Blogging Fringe 1503: Best Picture (Kurt Fitzpatrick, Jon Paterson, Tara Travis)
Length: 51:13

Best Picture is coming to the Brown venue for the 2015 Orlando Fringe. Kurt Fitzpatrick, Jon Paterson, and Tara Travis join Ryan to discuss their current run at the Rogue Festival in Fresno, how they'd like to play the Kodak theatre during Oscar Week, and how they got involved in the Fringe Family (Framily). Check out and for more.

Kurt Fitzpatrick (Cathedral City, The Last Straight Man in Theatre, Hooray for Speech Therapy, Rebel Without a Niche)
Jon Paterson (House [Best Male Performer 2014], Be a Man)
Tara Travis (The Shakespeare Show: Or, How an Illiterate Son of a Glover Became the Greatest Playwright in the World)

Crushie Award 2011: Mikaela Dyke

This year is the first time Blogging Fringe gave out an award for Fringe Crush, and our first winner was Mikaela from Dying Hard.

Originally from Newfoundland, Mikaela is a writer and performer who now makes her home in Toronto. An improviser for over a decade, Mikaela has training in solo improvisation, mask, Commedia dell'Arte, clown, storytelling and Alexander technique.

Having performed with companies all over Canada and the U.S., her recent theatre credits include: Arm's Length (Summerworks festival); A Rustling (Playwrights of Spring Festival); Sky (Rabbittown Theatre Productions); Buried Child (Beothuck Street Players); Comedy of Errors (SBTS); My Name is Rachel Corrie (Forest Productions) and Reflections on Giving Birth to a Squid (Parent Productions).

Vanessa Quesnelle: Fringe Crush 2011

Vanessa stars in Oh That Wily Snake

Oh, That Wily Snake
A man and woman take off on a wild, fantastical adventure of temptation, seduction, and betrayal in this original play starring Ontario’s Vanessa Quesnelle and Brooklyn’s Martin Dockery.

Last show in Orange Venue --
5/28 SAT 7:40PM

Melanie Gall: Fringe Crush 2011

Melanie stars in My Pal Izzie, featuring the music of Irving Berlin --
Irving Berlin, well-known as the composer of 'White Christmas', is one of America's most famous composers. However, not many people know of Berlin's early life and of his struggle to succeed. From a young immigrant just off the boat from Russia to one of the shining lights of Tin Pan Alley, Irving's story is fascinating. This show contains some of Berlin's best early songs, from 'Don't Take Your Beau to the Seashore' to 'If You Don't Want My Peaches'.

Sisterscene is a theatre company from Alberta, Canada and New York, NY. They will be presenting shows at 7 Fringe festivals this year, including Toronto, London and Vancouver.

Orange Venue
5/19 THU 6:00PM
5/21 SAT 1:30PM
5/22 SUN 7:40PM
5/23 MON 10:30PM
5/24 TUE 9:05PM

Jeff Culbert: Fringe Crush 2011

Jeff is in "archy and mehitabel", about a cockroach and a cat who are best friends, based on the work of Don Marquis

Meet Archy, a cockroach with a critical eye on humanity, and Mehitabel, a bohemian alley cat with an unbreakable spirit. “A pure delight” (Ottawa Citizen), “vivid and unforgettable” (CBC Manitoba)

The script for archy and mehitabel was devised from the writings of American poet, humorist and folk philosopher Don Marquis, who created the characters in 1916 for his New York newspaper column and wrote about their adventures for the next twenty years. Archy the Cockroach and Mehitabel the Cat are the main players, but a wide variety of secondary creatures make appearances as well.

Yellow Venue
5/19 THU 9:00PM

Mikaela Dyke: Fringe Crush 2011

Mikaela performs in Dying Hard, a play created from the real life stories (and words) of people in a mining town.
Update: Mikaela won our first annual "Crushie" award!

Mikaela comes from Newfoundland in Canada, and her show is in the Patron's Room this year.

A powerful exploration of the plight of fluorspar miners in St.Lawrence, Newfoundland in the 1960's. Through these true stories, Dying Hard brings to the forefront the human cost of industry.

5/19 THU 7:40PM
5/20 FRI 10:20PM
5/22 SUN 12:00PM
5/23 MON 5:15PM
5/27 FRI 7:00PM
5/28 SAT 10:30PM
5/29 SUN 2:50PM

Apply to 10 CAFF Festivals with one Application for 2010

I saw this on the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals site - you can get in the lottery for several festivals and have guaranteed tour dates in September if you apply through CAFF's Touring Lottery.

This post was actually written as a draft back in February, but it seemed silly to blog about the 2010 festival circuit before the 2009 festival had started.

While there is tremendous satisfaction in spending time per

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