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Melanie Gall: Fringe Crush 2011

Melanie stars in My Pal Izzie, featuring the music of Irving Berlin --
Irving Berlin, well-known as the composer of 'White Christmas', is one of America's most famous composers. However, not many people know of Berlin's early life and of his struggle to succeed. From a young immigrant just off the boat from Russia to one of the shining lights of Tin Pan Alley, Irving's story is fascinating. This show contains some of Berlin's best early songs, from 'Don't Take Your Beau to the Seashore' to 'If You Don't Want My Peaches'.

Sisterscene is a theatre company from Alberta, Canada and New York, NY. They will be presenting shows at 7 Fringe festivals this year, including Toronto, London and Vancouver.

Orange Venue
5/19 THU 6:00PM
5/21 SAT 1:30PM
5/22 SUN 7:40PM
5/23 MON 10:30PM
5/24 TUE 9:05PM

Chris Leavey: Fringe Crush 2011

Chris wrote "I'm just not that Gay" and is playing piano for "Robby Pigott tries something new"

A humorous look at one man's attempt to find his place in the gay world. Chris shares stories and songs about coming out, dating, activism, stereotypes and more.

I'm just not that gay
Red Venue
5/19 THU 9:50PM
5/21 SAT 11:30PM
5/22 SUN 9:30PM
5/24 TUE 7:10PM
5/26 THU 8:10PM
5/27 FRI 10:20PM
5/29 SUN 6:30PM

Chris is offering a discount if you are a fan of his facebook page for the show.

VoiceMail Reviews: Cary from the Cock

Download VoiceMail Review 03
Length: 1:20

Cary From The Cock
Red Venue
5/14 THU 11:50PM, 5/15 FRI 9:20PM, 5/16 SAT 7:50PM, 5/17 SUN 6:10PM, 5/19 TUE 7:55PM, 5/22 FRI 8:10PM, 5/23 SAT 9:30PM

New York's Cary Curran talks about her life as a Fag Hag, sings, dances, and even becomes a hot dog for the sake of showbusiness.

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