Chris Leavey: Fringe Crush 2011

Chris wrote "I'm just not that Gay" and is playing piano for "Robby Pigott tries something new"

A humorous look at one man's attempt to find his place in the gay world. Chris shares stories and songs about coming out, dating, activism, stereotypes and more.

I'm just not that gay
Red Venue
5/19 THU 9:50PM
5/21 SAT 11:30PM
5/22 SUN 9:30PM
5/24 TUE 7:10PM
5/26 THU 8:10PM
5/27 FRI 10:20PM
5/29 SUN 6:30PM

Chris is offering a discount if you are a fan of his facebook page for the show.

"Robby Pigott Tries Something New" is filled with music and stories relating to Robby's experiences growing up in Hawai'i, coming out to his family, performing around the world and falling in love. He dedicates the show to his parents Bill and Debby. Their never-ending support and encouragement should be an example of love for the rest of the world!

Blue Venue
5/20 FRI 6:00PM
5/21 SAT 9:05PM
5/22 SUN 7:15PM
5/25 WED 5:25PM
5/26 THU 10:15PM
5/27 FRI 6:55PM
5/28 SAT 10:10PM

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