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Blogging Fringe 1510: Village Ax - Sydney Hayduk

Sydney Hayduck in Village AxDownload Blogging Fringe 1510: Village Ax - Sydney Hayduk
Length: 37:07

Sydney Hayduck's Village Ax is a one-woman / storytelling / dance piece with bedtime stories told to a little girl by her grandfather. "If you like to think and you like metaphysical stuff, this is your show". Sydney is from Winnepeg, and this is her first Orlando Fringe. We discuss devised theatre and how Sydney got involved with the community.

Blogging Fringe 1504: From Como to Homo - Lynne Jassem

From Como to Homo Download Blogging Fringe 1504: From Como to Homo - Lynne Jassem
Length: 36:21

Lynne Jassem is a veteran performer with credits going back to her pre-teen days on the Perry Como show. Now she tours the world dancing, singing and entertaining people with stories from her life. She is bringing a one-woman show, From Como to Homo to the Red venue at the 2015 Orlando Fringe.

Watch Lynne on YouTube

Voci Dance ARTeology at 2011 Orlando Fringe

Genevieve Bernard is the Artistic Director of Voci Dance . Voci's one show will be Sunday, May 29th at 9:20pm

Loch Haven Park by the Big Blue Sculpture

Voci Dance brings yet another site specific piece to the Orlando Fringe.

Join the urban explorers of Voci Dance in a site specific dance installation in Loch Haven Park!

Show begins at 9:20 pm, right before the Fringe Fabby awards.
$5 cash donation in the park!

Movement * Music * Light * Sculpture

One night only!

VoiceMail Reviews: Cary from the Cock

Download VoiceMail Review 03
Length: 1:20

Cary From The Cock
Red Venue
5/14 THU 11:50PM, 5/15 FRI 9:20PM, 5/16 SAT 7:50PM, 5/17 SUN 6:10PM, 5/19 TUE 7:55PM, 5/22 FRI 8:10PM, 5/23 SAT 9:30PM

New York's Cary Curran talks about her life as a Fag Hag, sings, dances, and even becomes a hot dog for the sake of showbusiness.

VoiceMail Reviews: Accolades and Graces

Download VoiceMail Review 02
Length: 1:42

Accolades and Graces
Silver Venue
5/16 SAT 2:40PM, 5/17 SUN 4:20PM, 5/18 MON 8:55PM, 5/19 TUE 8:55PM, 5/22 FRI 8:10PM, 5/23 SAT 2:10PM

Yow Dance and some Fringe veteran dancers, with a little help from some live musicians, bring a different kind of dance show to the 2009 Orlando Fringe.

Secret Show?

Who are these silhouetted figures? Why can't we hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers? A show, shrouded in MYSTERY!

VoiceMail Reviews: CineDance MOVE

Download VoiceMail Review 05
Length: 1:19

Ryan leaves his thoughts about CineDance's MOVE in the Silver Venue. Call 321-441-3964 to leave your review.

Here's what Diane Hubbard Burns from the Orlando Sentinel had to say about the MOVE.

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CineDance: MOVE at Orlando Fringe

CineDance Jazz Dance Silver Venue at the 2008 Orando Fringe Festival

Grandma Party: Voci Dance

See Voci’s show, Perfectly Broken, in the Red Venue at the 2008 Orlando Fringe Festival

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