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Tod Kimbro: Fringe Crush 2011

Tod Kimbro wrote and plays his piano in Suckers: a Freaky Little Musical as well as Blue and Tod's Big Queer Hootinany

Melanie Gall's Accompanist Crisis in 2011

Drama at Fringe! There was a wildfire not too far away from Orlando during the 2011 Fringe, so Melanie was afraid her accompanist would not be able to make it to her last show of My Pal Izzy.

Luckily, he phoned a few minutes after this video was recorded to tell her he thought he would make it after all.

Mud Flappers from Onomatopoeia at Orlando Fringe 2011

Mike Besaw from Onomatopoeia tells us how they got involved with the Mud Flappers.

Live music propels the flights of fancy and down-to-earth peregrinations of a hardscrabble hobo. You'll giggle, squeal, and sniffle. Featuring The Mud Flapper Band. Onomatopoeia: sounds like fun.

Two remaining shows in the Red Venue --
5/27 FRI 11:55PM
5/28 SAT 8:50PM

May is a Kickass Month for Arts Events in Orlando

Why is May such a great month for holding events? Sure, for our Northern friends, it means the end of bad weather, the opening of roller coaster parks, and a change in the scenery as the trees and flowers start to show their summer colors, but here in Florida, it’s more like the start of the summer’s hot, humid, rainy monotony, the arrival of the tourists, time-share owners, kids on summer vacation, religious zealots protesting Gay Days, and of course, bad drivers in rental cars.

I know what you’re doing Saturday Night

You have no choice. Unless your Grandma is on her death bed and can't wait another 90 minutes, you are going to see Heronymus. If you don't think you want to go, I'll buy you the damn tickets.
Heronymus Returns
Buy Tickets

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