Apply to 10 CAFF Festivals with one Application for 2010

I saw this on the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals site - you can get in the lottery for several festivals and have guaranteed tour dates in September if you apply through CAFF's Touring Lottery.

This post was actually written as a draft back in February, but it seemed silly to blog about the 2010 festival circuit before the 2009 festival had started.

While there is tremendous satisfaction in spending time performing on the North American Fringe Festival circuit – doing the work you want to do, seeing and being seen by other artists from all over the world, experiencing the Fringe environment from coast to coast – we also recognize that doing the circuit is difficult.

In order to make it just a little easier for you, the members of CAFF have gotten together to offer a one-stop application form for touring artists. You will still have to complete different information forms later for each festival if you are selected, but this opportunity will give you 8-10 months advance notice that you are (or aren’t) confirmed in each of the participating festivals you want to participate in. In order to be eligible to apply in this touring category, you must participate in no fewer than five member festivals in the following year.

The The 2010 tour will be the ninth year for this application category. We hope it will encourage more artists to make a commitment to performing on the Fringe circuit throughout North America.


2010 Touring Lottery applications will be available September 1, 2009

* The deadline to apply for the lottery will be September 30, 2009.
* The draw will be held in London, Ontario on Friday, October 3, 2009
* All applicants will be notified of their status by email on Monday, October 5, 2009.


* Not all of the Fringe Festivals participate in the touring lottery. The list is of participating Fringes can be found in the application.
* You can still apply to individual Fringe Festivals if you are entering the lottery - see the member's page for contact information and dates.

See a sample of the 2009 Touring Application Policies and Form

For more information on the Touring lottery please write to

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