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Bogging Fringe 1512: Ferdinand - Tasty Monster Productions

Download Bogging Fringe 1512: Ferdinand - Tasty Monster Productions
Length: 32:19

Luke Tudball and Heather Bagnall are Washington, DC area artists and the co-owners of Tasty Monster Productions. Their 2015 show, Ferdinand, toured the United States and will be playing at Edinburgh Fringe. Ferdinand is the story of a single father raising his son, and deals with numerous social issues like bullying. It's inspired by the story of Ferdinand the bull, and we get to hear how audiences react to the show.

Blogging Fringe 1502: Late with Lance: Peter Michael Marino

Late with Lance Download 1502: Late with Lance: Peter Michael Marino
Length: 36:29

Peter Michael Marino is returning to Orlando this year with a new show in the Bronze Venue - Late with Lance - - Lance is a cruise ship tour director who has come to dry land and invites Liza Minelli, Hugh Jackman, and the Miami Sound Machine to be on his talkshow, for one night only. We discuss Peter's past theatre exploits, from STOMP to directing and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, writing a show based on Desperately Seeking Susan, playing the West End of London and Tokyo. Follow Lance on Twitter or find Lance on Facebook.

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