“I don’t want to deal with shitty art just because it’s Canadian”

Once again, TJ Dawe needs no help with promotions. None at all. His three shows this year are selling hugely, and rightly so. I have not yet caught Dishpig, but 52 Pick-Up was absolutely stellar, not to mention an impressive feat of its two actors.

Show: Maxim & Cosmo
Company: Big Sandwich Prouctions - Vancouver, British Columbia
Venue: Orange (Orlando Shakes)
Times: 5/19 - 11:30AM, 5/20 - 6:00PM, 5/21 - 11:45PM, 5/22 - 8:10PM, 5/25 - 6:00PM, 5/26 - 3:35PM, 5/27 - 12:35PM
Tickets: $10
Rating: Mature Audiences

Maxim and Cosmo was described by the Orlando Weekly (I believe) as another master-class in monologue. Absolutely right. Except that it’s not even really a theatrical piece. It’s Mr. Dawe, sitting down with a microphone and a bottle of vitamin water, and having a one-sided conversation with the audience. It felt like I was back in college, listening to a lecture.

Now I graduated with honors, but I skipped my fair share of classes in my university tenture. But let me tell you – if TJ Dawe had been my professor, I would arrive at every lecture a half hour early and camp out before every one of his office hours. Damn.

And Maxim and Cosmo is just as insightful as a lifetime’s worth of sociological research. Screw reading dissertations male and female relations, just go see this show. I came in with high expectations as a fan of the One Man Trilogies and A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s, but this exceeded them all. Seriously. Enlightening, insightful, and funny as shit, just go see it already. There’s nothing more I can say. Go see it or you will die lonely and unhappy.

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