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Zombie Girlfriend
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Doodie Humor is back once again, to satirize moral satire and basically gross us out to the point we laugh. Real hard. And with spurting blood, nasty talk, pimps, hoes, flesch-eaters, horror-obsessed best friends (there’s one of those in every single post-Scream horror films, isn’t there? Self-reflexive much?), and the most hilarious mime you will ever meet, they succeed tremendously. At some points the show seems slow, but maybe it’s just the fast edit madness of everything else going on at the Fringe. This is a great show overall, and the perfect late-nite faire to end your day.

The plot is not hard to maneuver your way around. I thought it might include a little more of a 50s doo-wop sort of feel – you know, including high school sweaters and poodle skirts for some unknown reason. But despite it’s typical everyday normal post-collegiate setting (where the football playing bully of yesteryear has grown into a rent-a-cop), it’s still an absolute hoot. All of the actors do a fine job, and the 90 minute show even reaches a satisfying conclusion. Albeit a long one, I wouldn’t think of anything in it that should go. And it just keeps getting funnier toward the end, videos included.

The best part might have to be the projection shown during the “pre-show” announcements. I heard a more incestuous promotional one at the Green Venue earlier that night to see Heart of Coal, but the Zombie Girlfriend pre-emptor included instructions on the projection screen of how to avoid the pre-show announcements. We all threw in a “Hells year mother fuckas!” for good measure.

Overall, Zombie Girlfriend is a fine time to be had, and both for its humor and low ticket cost, a show I’d recommend to anyone and everyone.

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