Top 5 Things about day 3 of Fringe 21

  • Volunteering in the beer tent is one of the best things I know of at Fringe. Everyone stops by, especially on a Saturday night. Tonight I had the pleasure of serving alongside Jason Nettle (9/11: We Will Forget) and Mike Maples (The Humor Mill Hysteria Repeats Itself).
  • Threads: the True Story of an Indiana Farm Girl in Vietnam by Tonya Jone Miller from Portland. Certainly one of the great dramatic shows of this year's festival, and all based on a true story. This is on my must-see list when people ask me what I like.
  • On the Nose is a collaboration between an out-of town clowining duo, a former local clown and the producer of last year's hit Onomatopoeia. The show combines a lecture led by two characters with a series of filmed interviews with some of the world's most famous contemporary clowns.
  • Menage-a-Prov is a show put together by Francisco Laboy, Charles Frierman and Darren Vierday from SAK Comedy Lab, with a fresh batch of randomized short-form improv games. I got to go on stage for one of the scenes and was laughing out loud the entire time I was up there. We invented a superhero with racoon super powers (I dug in a trash can to thwart the villain) and my sidekick was a master of blenders and smoothies. Hooray for improv.
  • Sport: 3rd Strike is just as solid as the first two incarnations of the show, though the female character is a different actor than many of the PB&J Productions shows I've seen. Seating in the Yellow Venue was so limited I lost some of the minor effects because of an extreme left wing seat. Still, quite awesome.
  • Bonus: The Spork: A Happy Food Cafe opened up a new food tent today which features fresh food (including fruits and vegetables, hummus, parfaits and lots of yummy goodies from the newly opened cafe inside of Urban ReThink
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