Top 5 things about day 4 of Fringe 21

Full days at the festival are so awesome because you get to see so many shows. The night ended really strong with:

  • Skill Focus: Burlesque had an appearance from the lead character in the "Portal" games and an anthropomorphized GLADOS took her chrome clothes off to open this video-game themed version of Orlando's own nerd burlesque show. They replaced a show that pulled out of the Orange Venue, so they need as many scantily-clad butts in seats as they can get. Fringe Page
  • The Habit is in a similar boat - a veteran of several Fringe festivals, Wilson Loria added his show literally at the last minute when an international performer was denied a visa. Go see his excellent show. You won't be disappointed
  • My Exploding Family Featuring the lovely and talented Yanomi (Miss Hiccup) and her friends, Osara Soup. This mostly silent show translates incredibly well to Western audiences. I wish for their sake that they had a bigger venue. More people should see this. Check them out
  • 4 Truths and a Lie from Los Angeles is a storytelling potpourri where one of the stories is bogus. Want a hint? The lie tonight was the most detailed, and it even contained deceit in the story. Show page
  • Bad Connections from New York shows how the lives of 9 people intersect - making us question if "there are no coincidences", that there is a pattern to the Universe. Show page
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