Interview - Eric Pinder

Show: Waiting for Napoleon
Venue: Pink (Mandell Theatre at Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5/20 @ 11:55PM, 5/22 @8:05PM, 5/23 @10:45PM, 5/27 @7:15PM, 5/28 @ 9:05PM
Tickets: $10

Can you tell us a little bit about Waiting for Napoleon?

Essentially it is a one man show of an actor putting on a one man show of Tolstoy's War and Peace in a theme park called "Literature World." It's a journey through the rehearsal process and the actor's self-discovery. Laced with literary references, it's a sort of deconstruction of War and Peace in forty-five minutes involving a self absorbed director, a drag queen, and the plot of War and Peace sung to Gilbert and Sullivan.

It is a revised edition of a show I wrote in 2002 that was named a Orlando Sentinel Fringe Best Bet. [The show] contains language and a sweaty bare chest for about fifteen seconds.

What motivated you to bring this back to Fringe?

This show happened because I was reading Tolstoy's War and Peace while opening a show at the Animal Kingdom - itself opening. It just reflected frustration on my part, but at the same time I wanted it to be hopeful. I think the show reflects that.

The show was highly praised when I did it last time, but due to a typo in the Fringe program I was listed in a different venue, so I lost a lot of people that way. But now more people have the chance to see it. I only have five performances though.

Have you performed in the Fringe in previous years?

This is my ninth year with the Fringe. This is one of four shows I've written to perform at Orlando Fringe.

What's your favorite Fringe memory?

One of my most favorite productions was The Garden Variety Hour (I think) and it was this guy and his lover who had this brilliant show about a garden and how things work. He was dressed in this amazing plant costume that had all kinds of comparments and fun things. His lover played cymbals and drums. Words can't do it justice. You had to see it. He walked around in that costume (this would have been 2003 when everything was still all spread out) and passed out flyers. That's the kind of thing you don't really see at Fringe anymore. The show I mean - you see plenty of bizzare outfits.
Where would Orlando audiences recognize you from?

I think people know me most from the shows I've done in the Fringe since 1996. But I recently played Officer Lockstock in the Mad Cow's sold out run of Urinetown: The Musical and also performed in their Cabaret Festival. I've worked at Walt Disney World for fourteen years now so some people might have seen me there too.

What's in store for you post-Fringe?

After Fringe I will be packing to move near downtown. I've always kind of lived in the SW corner of Orange County and now I'm finally venturing out. I also have to finish next year's show which ... well I don't want to say anything yet.

Read more about Eric Pinder in his Orlando Weekly interview.


Ryan wrote 15 years 29 weeks ago

Great interview! I hope we

Great interview! I hope we will see more cool stuff like this very soon!

Leneil Bottoms wrote 15 years 29 weeks ago

Eric is a god in my world,

Eric is a god in my world, but then he knows that.

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