Interview - Brandon Roberts

Venue: Yellow Venue (Goldman Theatre @ Shakespeare Festival)
Show times: 5/19 @ 10:45PM, 5/20 @ 3:35PM, 5/21 @ 9:35PM, 5/23 @ 6PM, 5/25 @ 11:05PM, 5/27 @ 4:05PM, 5/28 @ 6:30PM
Tickets: $10

Can you give us a brief synopsis of your show?

Sport is a fast-paced romp through the world of sports. While the show pokes fun at the commercialism of sports, we are not looking to make any bold political statements. Our major concern is that people have a great time and laugh plenty!

Have you performed in the Fringe in previous years?

This is Ghostlight's and my first Fringe Experience.

What motivated you to get involved with this production?

I toured with this show frest out of college (1998-2000) around the Southeast, and even took it over to France for a few months in 1999. It seemed to me to be the perfect show to fit into Fringe, yet still different enough from the other Fringe shows to be unique.

What's your favorite Fringe memory?

Working with my two fellow actors Pat Braillard and Mike Gill, two of the funniest boys I know.

Where would Orlando audiences recognize you from?

A Midsummer Night's Dream and Twelth Night at Orlando Shakespeare Festival
Winnie the Pooh and You Can't Take it With You at Orlando Repertory Theatre
Western Civilization! The Complete Musical (abridged) with Orlando Theatre Project

What's in store for you post-Fringe?

I'll be playing Peter Rabbit in June/July with Orlando Shakespeare Festival, then I'll be in San Francisco in August/September playing both Dromios in Comedy of Errors with Marin Shakespeare Company.

Find out more about Brandon and Ghostlight Theatre Company:
Ghostlight Onstage
Ghostlight on MySpace


Leneil Bottoms wrote 15 years 29 weeks ago

Cannot wait to see Brandon

Cannot wait to see Brandon "Eye-Candy" Roberts' Fringe show - truly he's one of the best newer additions to the Orlando acting scene.

Brian Feldman wrote 15 years 28 weeks ago

I've seen "Sport" twice

I've seen "Sport" twice already. Brandon, and the show, are hilarious. You'll love it.

Adrienne Feldman wrote 15 years 28 weeks ago

Brandon is awesome and so is

Brandon is awesome and so is "Sport"!

John Baker wrote 15 years 28 weeks ago

Awesome show, and an awesome

Awesome show, and an awesome actor!

I'm lucky enough to have worked with Brandon before on (now) multiple occasions. I was thrilled to see his show this year at Fringe. I've told everyone I know to see it at least once.

I'm trying to teach everyone the slastic 'boom boom boom' arm movement.

If you don't know what that is...see the show bitches!

Congratulations Brandon. Keep up the awesome work.

Paige wrote 15 years 28 weeks ago

I do recognize him from a

I do recognize him from a past production! I saw him in You Can't Take it With You at the Rep (Which was wonderful!). He played an old man who made illegal fireworks in the central family's basement. The guy who played the father is also in Sport (I think?) Sport was giggle-licious fun. I'm glad I saw it, and encourage others to do the same.

Brian Feldman wrote 15 years 28 weeks ago

"Giggle-licious" should go on

"Giggle-licious" should go on all future posters for future productions of "Sport."

And yes, there SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY be future productions* of "Sport." Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble, bring it back for your 2006-2007 season!

*at least one

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