A record review of Calculus: The Musical!

That's right, we have a real live music reviewer on our site, and she wrote a fabulous review of the music from the Red Venue Patron's Pick. One of my favorite bits of the article is when she had to explain the Fringe to a fickle, theatre-agnostic, indie rock loving audience:

From RetroLowFi » Matheatre – Calculus: the Musical! (Self-released, 2007):

... One incredible thing about Orlando (there’s at least one) is that the City Beautiful is home to the longest running Fringe Festival in North America. For a city generally associated with Disney and conservative thought, I guess we do have some cultural significance. The Fringe itself started over 50 years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland, and put most simply, is a non-juried festival of art, theatre, music, and mayhem, open to anyone who would like to put on a show. Essentially you could almost say the first Fringe was the very first ever indie rock festival. There are festivals all over the world, and Orlando’s is somewhat notable. Every May, the Fringe rolls through, bringing with it public nudity, copious amounts of alcohol and joints, hysteria-driven writer/actors, strange pets, dance troupes, zombies, hippies, and more drag queens than you probably should shake a stick at. It’s a sight to see, but as I found out by exposing some of my certifiable nerd friends to the chaos, it can be almost too much to take in.

If you want to know what Emily thought of the record, head over to RetroLowFi.com and check out the full text. Please leave a comment, as well - it's good Blog Karma. Emily is one of 5 or so contributors to the site, with music, live performances, television, film and books being among the main subjects discussed. It has a decidedly international focus, which I never seem to be able to achieve with any of my projects (I don't have any affiliation with the group except friendship), and the reviews are top-of-the-line and very biased - like good reviews should be. If you're in to fringe pop culture, check out RetroLowFi.

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