Mark Baratelli’s Fringe Photos

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While doing some web surfing, I noticed some video of the Silent Rave Dancers on the Green at Loch Haven Park.

Then I started clicking around...

There is some great stuff in there, like this one with Brian Feldman doing some audience participation. I don't know if the gay lover story was the same every night, but I'm really sorry I missed that show.

Props go out to Tisse and her camera. But don't forget, she's "Not just a photographer" (her words). She also does a brand of life coaching she calls Artist Development, and she's organizing some events around town, like Artissed Night.

Why did I start a blog about Mark and finish it about Tisse? Mark was how I first heard about her, and they have been working together a lot lately on the Orlando Arts Blog, which has always been awesome, but now is starting to be even more multimedia. Please go check them out.

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