Bon Voyage, Betsy! #maupin

Update: Elizabeth Maupin has launched an independent Orlando theatre blog.

After almost 26 years on the staff of the Orlando Sentinel, Elizabeth Maupin has been writing and creating community togetherness. For my part in this game, I'd like to congratulate her and wish her the best.

Above: Maupin with Boris the Robot at the Orlando Fringe. Boris is a retired robot. As of this post, Maupin is a retired Journalist.

Even though I'd been closely following her reviews and her blog for some time, I didn't actually meet her and carry on a conversation of any length until one of the Orlando Theatre Pot-Luck dinners (which she wrote about on her blog) at the Orlando REP.

I'm sure the story doesn't end here, but I thought this blog really needed an entry on this subject, the career of a very visible and valued contributor to the community. Elizabeth, her writing and the comments section of her blog have been a lightning rod for discussion, a great example of transparency, and of course informative and well-written.

Today, Orlando's leading time-based performance artist, Brian Feldman, has been reading a nearly never-ending stream of reviews by our pal Betsy - live on internet video - including several minutes where he attempted to read simply the name and production company of her thousands of reviews (and gave up). He also took requests. Below is a video clip of Feldman reading a review from the 2009 Orlando Fringe, Sister Mary Ignatious Explains it all for You, produced by Logan Donahoo.

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