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The Frogs and the Caterpillar

I hung up the phone and sat down on my computer to google "Orlando Fringe". I couldn't help but ask myself what I'd just agreed to attend. Intriguing, yes, but a website with pictures of men in drag and promises of being "100% uncensored" made clear to me that the possibilities were wide open. Its very name--Fringe--at once captured flamboyancy, mystery, and a sense of being on the outskirts of societal norms. Off I drove to meet my friend and see "Serious Theatre".

Show: Serious Theatre
Venue: Green Venue (Tupperware Theatre at Orlando Repertory Theatre)
Times: May 21 - 3:25pm; May 22 - 9:20pm; May 23 - 11:15pm; May 25 - 7:40pm; May 26 - 6:05pm; May 27 - 3:25pm; May 28 - 12:00pm
Tickets: $8
Rating: PG-13, unless you don't mind your child being exposed to mild swearing and sexual suggestion, and are prepared to answer the question, "Daddy, what is a 'vagina' and why is it dancing?"
Recommended for: anyone wanting comedic relief. Very recommended.

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