Selling My Toes

As Emily and I sat waiting for Fat Camp (which I loved) to start, three young women (whom I later dubbed "the Giggle Squad") were sitting next to us amusing themselves. The one closest to us turns over in the middle of a story and says "this is a funny story". I only caught the tail end, but girl #3 was chasing down her runaway dog, got hit by a car, and forgot all the math she learned in college. As a pre-med student, apparently she now has no career prospects, and she'll have to resort to "selling her body" (like her toes, those should fetch a good price).

But the Fringe is not all about who you meet, but what you see: I have been having a great time checking out shows, looking at art, people-watching and pimping my blog. I personally handed a button to Beth Marshall yesterday, who is the creative director of Fringe for those of you who don't know. I was about to ask her for an interview when she was interrupted with a volunteer crisis – one of the venue captains was absent, and they needed someone to take over. Em and I took that as our cue to leave.

As for today and the rest of the week, I have a small dilemma at hand: do I go see other first-showings, or wait until they've had a day or two to work out the technical and temporal bugs? I want to see the best show possible, but I know that putting on a longer show can put a strain on the performers and the technical team to nail things after only a very short tech rehearsal earlier in the week. A few shows I want to see are opening today, and I think I will just wait it out. There are SO many shows with promise this year, I'm sure I won't have trouble keeping myself busy. I also can't forget the buzz surrounding the sell-out shows either, even though two of them have naked boys – which I'm sure get some Fringe patrons very excited – that is not necessarily my thing.

So many decisions, so much time.

On a more decisive note, If you are feeling a little drained by the Florida climate, stop by the Pom Pom's booth near the entrance to the Shakespeare Fest and try the Lavendar Blueberry Tea - very refreshing.

Gotta run now, carpooling over there to save the planet, and it's time to roll out.

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