Over the Hump

Gosh, where to start? So much has happened this week!

First of all I want to give some link love to Spider, though I can't say I know this guy's real name. He was one of the first people to comment on the site, pay for a button, call me cute this week (it's on his blog), and remember my name at the ticket booth. He has linked to us multiple times throughout the week, and I bet he is reading this now, so THANK YOU!

I have had multiple opportunities to shake hands with Steve Schneider this week, but I never know what I will say. I am also afraid that he may have seen the site (and my sub-par reviewing skills) and he will say something about it. I am just glad that blogging is being considered alongside the other reviewers and documenters of Fringe. For example:

Today I was hanging out with my roommate, who was volunteering tonight. Apparently, after I left one of the volunteers came up to her and asked "Do you know who that WAS? That was the BLOG GUY! You aren't giving him any DIRT are you?" At hearing this, I jumped for joy and had a good laugh. I guess all this campaigning is getting me somewhere, not to mention the drama between James Judd and Emily...

It was also super-fun when I got into Serious Theatre last night, and I was referred to as "the critic". I guess that's what I'm doing here, but really I just want to make a written log of the same things I would say to someone I stood in line with. Buzz and viral marketing are key at Fringe, because no performer will not have a chance to give a flyer to each person - it just isn't possible.

I also like that discussions are taking place here on the blog in the comments – if you don't know what I mean, click on the link below each post that says "Comments". Also, if you see me around, I would LOVE to hear in person what you think of my site or any recommendations/warnings about shows you have already seen. I am just a person like you, I just happen to have a website.

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