All Hollow’s 10 - 20/21/27/26?

I think there are some serious typographic errors over on the upcoming events page at - just because you say you've got a "new website coming in September" doesn't mean you can slack off on proofreading like you did last year.

The point of this post is not to get down on typos, but to let you know about the Fringe's fundraising event, All Hallow's 10. It's being held at the Footlight Theater at the Parliment House, and it will be some sort of drama put together by 10 or so of Orlando's Theater directors. The name David Lee (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, 2006) jumps out, as well as Michael Wanzie (The Lion Queen, 2006), Rob Ward, Scottie Campbell, Doodie Humor, Peter Hurgen, Jr., Tod Kimbro, Michael Garbey, Nothin' Productions and Jil Bevan. As a one-year Fringe reporting veteran, I can't claim to know who all of these people are, but if you know, show us some love in the comments.

I am also writing this post so I can add this blog to my Technorati Profile. Don't mind that link.

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