Patroncast for 2007 in Orlando

Does Blogging Fringe get to post stuff to Patroncast? I guess so. What is Patroncast? Well our good friend Mark Baratelli has put together a little video to help us out. He even lets us know that Patroncast is now open for submissions. Look to get some updates and help on this very very soon.

See the original post on the Orlando Fringe MySpace Blog

What is it? Watch the two-minute video above to find out. Basically, patrons post videos praising or dissing shows they paid to see. It's for patrons to express they joy or dissatisfaction and for other patrons to learn from. Word of mouth is the best way to choose a show to see at the Fringe, and this facilitates that same behavior online.

-Shows can use the patron's positive reviews for their own advertising if they wish.

-Patrons can post audio-only, video and audio, whatever. They can use their real name or make upa fake one.

-Patrons can upload video from their phones or camcorders, or use youtube and their computer's cam to film a video directly into youtube.

In a nutshell, I want patrons to feel like they can voice their opinions freely and share with other patrons an encouraging "Go see this show! it's amazing!" or a wary "Stay away at all costs!"


I'm so glad that Mark is ecnouraging user-sumitted content as an official representative of the Orlando Fringe this year. He is one of few people in Orlando who could pull this off.

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