Too Many Good Shows

Last year, I thought it would be really fun to get to know a lot of Fringe performers, both local and from out of town, see their shows, share the experience with others - you know, be the indie media. Now I see a problem that I think must prey upon many people in a similar position: What the hell do you go watch?

How does one decide what to see, in what order? How much coverage do you give your friends? The new kids? The kids you're a fan of? In my case I tried to start with people who had sent me emails - get their content posted first. After that, I went with people who had MySpace and websites, followed by people whose shows I've seen before. My friends kind of get mixed in the middle of those three. I am also trying to look up some shows I don't know anything about - there's a good chance they may be in the same position with others.

How do you accomplish the goal of trying to inform your audience? How do you know when they've been sufficiently informed? Will they tell you if you're doing a bad job? A good job?

You can now leave comments on the individual pages for each show - I think I have 52 posted at this time, which leaves out 27 others. Of those, they don't all have the full write-up, but it's coming. If you have a show or if you're interested in tracking down some info for a show, just leave a comment here or email me through the website.

We're having a get-together tomorrow (but I'm told it's mother's day, so I don't know if people can come) to talk about Fringe. I think we're doing a podcast as well! Should be exciting.

Maybe next year or the year after we'll get a system for featuring shows - or maybe I won't be so overbooked and I'll be able to decide weeks in advance. Maybe...

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