I love this time of year!

Wow! What a fun night!! Opening night of the 16th Annual Orlando FRINGE! All decked out in my mod 60's best I headed to the 1st offical night of Fringe!!! Mingling with people some of which I haven’t seen since last year, I chatted it up with the likes of John Sullivan and friends from Suitcase of Memories, Jamesson Beane and Logan Donohoo of Coming In, Mark Baratelli of Improv Cabaret just to name a few. Dancing the night away to the sixties music and just good times all around!

I also saw my first show of the festival: Voci’s Waiting. I saw last years Paint Chips which was a lot of fun and really enjoyed the addition of Christa Bell’s poetry to this years show!
I chatted it up with my pal John C, a close friend of the show, about Christa’s collaboration with Voci. Seems that Genevieve (Voci’s artistic director) was meeting someone at Stardust Video & Coffee when the place became packed. Not knowing there was a show she peeked in to see Christa in action, the rest was as they say history.
The show is very pro women and defiantly speaks to many female centered issues. All I have to say is GO GIRL POWER!!! But not in an old Spice girl way. :)

See you at the Fringe!!! …day 2

Oh and get ready I may be asking you.....
Who's your Fringe crush??

Show: Waiting...
Company: Voci Dance - Orlando, FL
Venue: Yellow (Orlando Shakes)
Times: 5/17 @ 9:00PM, 5/18 @ 7:55PM, 5/20 @ 11:15AM, 5/22 @ 5:30PM, 5/23 @ 10:45PM, 5/26 @ 9:50PM, 5/27 @ 2:35PM
Tickets: $10
Rating: Mature language, subject matter


krisha wrote 17 years 5 weeks ago

I LOVE VOCI! I wish I could

I LOVE VOCI! I wish I could do stuff that awesome!

Please please keep blogging fringe.

You will have at the very least me as a super loyal reader, I think you have swell taste and superb writing abilities.

plus..i kinda think you rock all around.

miss you

Ryan wrote 17 years 5 weeks ago



I hope you don't mind, I made a few Internet Embelishments, but I didn't change any of the text.

I'm so glad you're getting to share this year and really getting into it! Who else can we get? :-P

Mark Baratelli wrote 17 years 5 weeks ago

Blog it up! Congrats on your

Blog it up! Congrats on your first post! Ball change!

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